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Here's how to release anger without blowing it!
October 25, 2013

How To Release Anger Without Blowing Up a Relationship

There I was in the middle of the night, angrily running something that had happened in the day.

Unable to sleep with the mind churning repetition of the situation.

Then I remembered what to do to defuse my ranting mind. I got up, went to the computer and drafted an email to the person concerned. I ranted and raved no holds barred. Then I put it in the drafts folder and went back to bed and went off to sleep.

It's amazing how putting something in writing, whether it be by email (my preferred way)or in a hand-written letter or journal, can stop all that mind chattering anger in its tracks.

When I looked at it the next morning, I found the energy has dissipated and I actually didn't need to send it.

Sometimes this is what happens. Other times you can edit your anger charged communication down into something more civilized that will more responsibly say what you need to say.

But there is a trap to be avoided at all costs.

If you are doing it by email, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT actually type the address of the recipient in your draft. It can be sent by accident, especially in the middle of the night, causing no end of trouble. And yes that is exactly how I learned that one.

So - next time you have an issue with something that just won't let your mind rest, try putting it in writing and see how that works.

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