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Are you stuck finding the right words for your branding?
September 02, 2013

Are You Stuck Finding
The Right Words For Your Branding?

All You Have To Do Is Ask!

This tip is about branding - finding the right words to creatively and engagingly express what you do, that will capture the essence of your coaching.

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Branding is something I've been struggling with as I revamp my coaching site and business cards for my coaching practice. Everything I came up with, though descriptive, sounded really pedestrian and ordinary.

I needed something with a bit of spice.

So I Swallowed My Know-It-All Pride - And Asked!

At a small lunch with some business women in various professions the other day, it was suggested that after introducing ourselves we would put out to the group what our biggest challenge was and ask for input.

I put out my branding challenge and the words I had come up with so far. The reaction was pretty ho-hum.

Then one of the group, who happened to be a former client I really love and respect said: "What you do Wendy is ask questions that fester!" Everyone in the group then sat up and paid attention.

Now "fester" is not a word I would think of as appealing in branding, but it would attract attention and questions!

It was a real revelation and fitting in with the feedback I get. So with that in mind as well as her follow up remark that I have an innate ability to ask questions that get to the core of an issue - I'm working on it.

My point is that I would never have come up with that description myself despite filling in numerous questionnaires that got me to describe my values, my ideal clients, so on and so on. It took somebody I had worked with, who had experienced my coaching to nail exactly what I do.

So if you really want to know what you do that is really valued by your clients and that you can turn into a unique branding message, ask them - they are the ones that really know.

Here's to your joyful achievement.


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