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Time Sensitive: A New Way To Think About Your Niche and Marketing Strategy
May 28, 2011

Here's How You Can Create Your Perfect Coaching Niche
and a Clear Path to Your Ideal Clients

You may not have seen this. (I forgot to let you know!) but Cindy Schulson of 'Attract Your Niche' has recorded her recent "Your Clear Path to Ideal Clients" webinar.

This is important viewing if you want to avoid the 10 Biggest Strategic Mistakes Made by Solo Professionals who are looking for a way to reach more clients in an overcrowded market.

Here's the link....

On this innovative webinar, you'll learn how the solution to your problem doesn't lie in the latest marketing techniques. It lies in having a solid, strategic foundation for your business success and a clearly identified market niche.

You'll see the best way to create this foundation through her new program.

The webinar is terrifc and really helped people master their niche strategy. So many people still need help with this!

Another reason to watch the webinar right now
If you find the information whets your appetite for more, for the next 3 only days only, you can save $100 on this valuable program.

So hurry! This price won't last.

BUT to watch this webinar, you don't have to spend a cent or a penny or a euro or anything! Just log in here and soak up the education. You'll enjoy Cindy - she's a master at what she does - teaching how to attract your niche.

Just read to some of the feedback!:

  • "It was a great call, lots of content"
  • "My pen is still cooling down!
  • Thanks for so much tremendous and helpful information Cindy....and the handout notes certainly helped"
  • "Enjoyed it a lot. Very nice job"

You can watch 'Your Clear Path to Ideal Clients' here.

Be sure to listen to the end where Cindy reveals how, if you act fast, you can also get free one-on-one coaching with her!

All the best

P.S. I really look forward to hearing the benefit you get form watching the webinar

P.S. Many entrepreneurs seriously miss this one area of their business - understanding their niche market. I really recommend you take the time to listen in on this webinar.

You'll also find more about Niche Markets here....

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