Create A Great Elevator Speech

To Attract Life Coaching Clients

Creating a great elevator speech that defines who you are and what you do to your potential clients will make you stand out from the crowd. Learn here how it's done 

Think if it as a shortcut explanation that defines your service and captures the interest of those you are are addressing.

But as you know, selling yourself in quick bites is difficult .

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat at a networking breakfast or lunch nervously awaiting my turn to stand up and take advantage of that tiny window of opportunity to market my coaching!

And afterwards feeling sheepish that I didn't get my message across quite as I intended.

Well help is at hand.

How to create the perfect life coaching elevator pitch

My colleague Cindy Schulson from Marketing From Within is a whiz at creating a really personal elevator speech.  She gives the following example of a typical speech that a life coach might use.

“I’m a life coach and I help people get more out of life. Let me give you some information about my services and about life coaching so you can learn more.”

Do you think this will work? Chances are it won’t, and here’s why.

Why this elevator pitch won't work..

The focus of this approach is on services, titles, and processes. Your potential clients aren’t interested in these things. They don’t care about your industry or how you run your business.

As Cindy says: What they care about is how you’re going to help them. 

This means that, even if you’re an amazing coach, people aren’t interested in buying your coaching. What they want to buy are solutions and results for the particular challenges they have.

So if you’re going to help the people you’re meant to coach and want to coach, then you need to first be HEARD!

And the only way you’re going to be heard and understood is if you can create an elevator pitch that explains:

  • Who you help (your niche or specialty)
  • What solution you provide
  • The outcome you help your clients achieve and
  • why they should work with you.

And this is where you may need help getting clear on what to say. 

I can highly recommend Cindy’s free webinar. Click on the image below to join her next class. She provides you with some powerful secrets to demystifying branding and taking advantage of your own unique brand of one!

Cindy helps you to get down to the essentials of what you need to say in your magnetic message which you can use as an elevator speech in a respectful way that will effectively engage. (And she also has lots of other invaluable free stuff on her website)

Elevator speech Do's and Don'ts

Cindy has loads of do’s and don’ts on the subject but I’d like to finish by indulging in a few of my own pet peeves from years of attending networking functions and being on the receiving end of elevator pitches.

  • Do Keep to time:
    If the networking function host asks everyone to give a brief or 30  seconds to a minute second – don’t go rambling on. It’s not fair on the other networkers, and can throw the schedule out for the meal and the speaker.
  • Don’t be pushy:
    This is not the time to launch into a full sales pitch without pausing for breath. The elevator speech is a taster of what you offer. If people want to know more they’ll ask.

  • Do reciprocate:
    When you’ve given your speech one-on-one, and answered any further inquiry, don’t forget to show interest in the other person what they do. Networking is a two-way street, not just a chance to promote yourself and move on.

Once created your great elevator speech can also be incorporated into brochures or business cards or anywhere you need to get your message across. You'll find more hints on networking in How to Network  and easy ideas on marketing your coaching see  Marketing For A Coach

Now please do share below your suggestions for creating an elevator speech that works to attract interest and prospects.

Do You Have Any Great Elevator Speech Tips?

Creating an elevator speech is often about trial and error. So please share your experiences and suggestions and create your own web page.

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