A Coachability Test To Weed Out Dud Life Coaching Prospects

Not all prospects will make suitable coaching clients and taking on poor prospects can end in tears. This 10 question Coachability Test will help you make sure you work with  clients who are actually coachable.

Why A Coachability Test?

You’ll find that many people are attracted to coaching but don't get  that it’s not all about what the coach does for them but about what they do for themselves with the coach's guidance. 

If you have doubts about a prospective clients suitability for coaching this Coachability Test can help weed out those who just shouldn't be, or are not ready to be coached for whatever reason. 

It will help set up the requirements and context for successful coaching and avoid frustration and disappointment for you both.  

I'd suggest you get the prospect to write their answers rather than do it orally so you both have a record.

And if you have any questions of your own to add that you think might be useful, please use the FaceBook comment box at the bottom of this page.

How To Introduce the Coachability Test

Of course you don't want to put a great new prospect,  so here is a possible and gentle way to introduce your questions when you send them out. 

"Coaching is a wonderful process for helping you have life as you want. However for it to work for you, you need to be willing to make a firm commitment to yourself to be responsible for getting what it is you want to be coached to change or achieve.

So these questions will help make sure this is the best path for you and you know what you are committing to.

Answer the questions as honestly as you can and, if necessary, ask me for more clarification and discuss any grey areas, or things you don't understand."

10 Questions To Ask Prospective Life Coaching Clients

Use these sample test questions to check out the coachability of prospective clients

  1. Reliability: Can you be relied on to be on time for sessions and to give reasonable notice if you need to reschedule?

  2. Willingness: Are you willing to do the work and let the coach do the coaching?

  3. Clarity: Do you know what you want to get from being coached?
    It's OK to only have a rough idea on this one.  Your coach is there is help you get specific.

  4. Open minded: Are you willing to explore and “try on” new concepts, beliefs and different ways of doing things?

  5. Feedback: If you feel you are not getting what you need or want from the sessions, are you willing to indicate this to the coach at the earliest possible opportunity – and ask for what you do want? 

  6. Investment: Do you see being coached as a worthwhile investment in your future and something worth paying for.

  7. Change behaviours: Are you willing to explore, identify and maybe change any self-defeating behaviours that are limiting your success?

  8. Honesty: Will you aim to tell the truth to your coach at all times, even if it is painful?

  9. Therapy? Are you currently in any sort of therapy? (This may not affect whether you can be coached, but your coach needs to know so there is no conflict).  

  10.  Have you been coached previously?  If so how did you find it and what was the result. (This last  question can be pretty revealing.  And if the prospect has had several previous coaches and poor or no result - beware!)

Be a little wary of the prospect who just answers "Yes" to all questions without much thought or comment.  Make sure they understand the reasons and implications.

Please add your comments and questions here. Thanks.

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