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The Six Basic Life Coaching Niches 

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On this page we look at the six basic life coaching niches and some sub-specialties that may help define your coaching focus further.

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Some Facts About Life Coaching Niches 

Whichever niche or speciality you choose, you'll find it's all really life coaching applied to a particular situation or goal that the client brings to you. The coaching principles to guide the client are the same but sometimes with the addition of mentoring from your own background and experience.

Business coaching can spill over into personal coaching. Personal coaching into relationship coaching, career coaching into life purpose coaching, health coaching and so on. I rarely had a client who came to me with one specific issue which didn't spill over into coaching about another.

So my suggestion on choosing your own coaching speciality is not to be too narrow in your definition.  By all means “identify the need” or “identify the pain” as you will often be advised by niche experts, but realise that the separation is rarely, if ever, that simple. 

Let’s look at the core coaching niches and some of the narrower specialties that can fit under them. But first a free training that can help you decide.

A Step-By-Step Guide To Finding Your Perfect Niche

An excellent Free Training

Cindy Schulson is probably one of the world's most experienced authorities for helping new and established life coaches identifying a speciality to work within and then teaching the skills to attract the clients.

I have worked with Cindy for years and countless visitors to this site have significantly benefited from her experience. There is heaps of free information as well as specific tailored products you can purchase if you believe she can help you build your coaching practice.

I really recommend you take advantage of her free training above, and/or use her free branding template she offers.

Personal Coaching Niches

6 Tulips at different stages of growth that represent the multiple sub niches that make up personal coaching.

As I’ve indicated, all niches use  basically life or personal coaching skills.  If your main niche is personal coaching you might choose to specialise in any of a myriad of sub-niches such relationships,  divorce, health, communications, parenting, teenagers and so on. 

I've found that often, what also comes up in personal goal setting is "I could also do with losing some weight".  So based on my book Be Your Own Goals Coach I've created a page specifically designed to help you coach your clients to achieve success with their Weight Loss Goals.

You can read more about what's involved in personal coaching and its niches here as well as some useful case studies. and a way to help clients with that weight loss goal.

Career Coaching Niches

Multiple doors representing the many career coaching niches available.

This is one of the biggest coaching niches and covers a wide area of career and job issues.

The sub categories here can include executive, leadership and management coaching both for small and large companies and recruitment agencies.

If you have the right background you might choose to specialise with individuals in a specific area such as health or finance.

Redundancy coaching is another career niche with loads of possibilities both for working with companies and individuals.

I have more on becoming a career coach here and some Career Coaching Case Studies which will give you a good idea of how some of the sessions can go.

Business Coaching Niches

Drawing representing all the aspects of running a business including Branding, Staff and Vision.

Business owners often need help with things such as staff relationships, succession, delegation, even work life balance and family issues. Your job as their coach is to help them clarify their business direction and help them work through any obstacles and challenges.  Again, if you have the right background you may also help them in a mentor or consultants role with the actual running of their business. 

Personally I‘ve found that most business owners know what needs doing to solve problems or grow their business, they just need help overcoming overwhelm and support sorting out their priorities so they can move forward.

I discuss what it takes to be a small business coach and where you might specialise here. I've also shared a few of my Small Business Coaching Case Studies to give you an insight into some common topics.

Corporate Or Workplace Coaching

Workplace coaching is a common practice in corporate environments and can be one of the most interesting and profitable niches to explore. 

To work credibly and effectively in the corporate environment, you need to understand the culture and the issues executives and managers face and preferably have either worked at executive level or be extremely familiar with it. And, of course, like any business niche, it will usually involve some personal growth coaching.  Read how Workplace Coaching works and where to find the opportunities and niches.

This is also one area where having a recognised coaching certification and credential is likely to be important to give you credibility when you apply for a position.

Group and team coaching

Flock of orange and blue parrots representing a team or group being coached.

This is an interesting niche that can be applied to all the above and is a profitable and time efficient way of leveraging your coaching both in person and online. 

You can get together a group who want life, career and even business coaching. I had a colleague with an accountancy background who specialised in holding groups for financial planners. 

You can read more in depth about both Team Coaching and Group Coaching and the specific skills they require both for groups that meet physically and online.

Goal Achievement Coaching

Cover of Wendy Buckingham's book, Be Your Own Goals Coach.

Coaching clients to achieve their goals can also be applied to any of the main niches.  The client comes to you wanting help to choose and/or set some goals or outcomes, in whatever area of their life they are seeking to improve. 

Or they roughly know the goal they want to achieve and need to get clarity and put a goal plan in place to make it really happen. 

Either way, you will find my book Be Your Own Goals Coach a great help working with your own clients and also, in your personal life. Also here are some of my own Case Studies On Goal Achievement. Each provides a great example of how the process works.

I hope this has helped you get clearer about the niche and specialty possibilities there are. Finally, you should read how some coaches went about defining their niche.

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Do you have a great coaching niche or speciality?

Do tell us about your niche and how you came to choose it.

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