Find The Best Life Coach Training For You

Here's the research you need to do before you enrol in a life coach training. You want to make sure it is the course you need to become a credible professional  life coach.

What Type Of Life Coach Training Do You Need?

New  schools for life coaches are popping up all the time. Some are very good, others not so much!

Many of these courses offering life coach certification are marketed really well with flashy brochures or impressive websites.  

So you need to dig below the surface to make sure they will deliver what you need to credibly become a life coach. 

You have to get clear what you want the coaching course to offer in the way of training and certification.  Different trainings have different focus. 

For instance as I allude to in my own coach training journey, the personal growth component is an important, yet often unrecognised, part of your coach education. 

This is especially true if you aim to become a life or personal growth coach and have little or no professional experience in the personal growth field.

Becoming an Exceptional Executive Coach comes highly recommended on Amazon

Conversely, if you are interesting in working as an employee coach  or finding work as an  executive coach the within a large business, check out whether this facet of coaching is included in the courses being offered.

You may find you need to enrol in a separate business or corporate coaching course as an add-on if the basic training of your choice does not offer this.

If executive coaching is something you feel you have the right background for,  Becoming an Exceptional Executive Coach could be a useful book to have.

The book is a compilation of the methods of five executive coaches and how each of their approaches, though different, is successful.

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Why Choose Accredited Life Coaching Courses

Accredited life coaching courses are one way of making sure you get the training you need to be a true life coaching professional.  Here's why.... 

  • You can research the criteria of the accreditation and be confident the course has met high standards in content, number of hours, and the coaching qualifications of the instructors.
  • The hours studied will count towards your coach specific training requirements if and when you apply for credentialing through an independent life coaching association that is also an independent accreditation body
  • You may find it easier to get employment as a coach if you can show you trained through a course accredited by a well recognised independent association, even if you are not yet credentialed.
  • Provided you do you research properly as to what you need from a coaching course you will get value for money.

Bear in mind though that accreditation is given to the individual course not as a blanket recognition to a particular coaching school. Each course, be it life, business, corporate or whatever needs to be submitted individually for accreditation.

Life Coach Training Online - Take Extra Care

Dodge the sharks and choose a credible life coaching course

Coaching schools offering life coach training online need to be even more carefully researched than a face to face training if you are to avoid the sharks.  Many of the larger and well known life coach training schools offer remote training to accommodate students who can't get to face to face classes.  

Unfortunately there are also a lot of courses providing online life coach certification that give a certificate that may be worthless as a professional credential.

Ask for specifics about the course content.  Look for genuine testimonials and online reviews and even contact some of the previous students.   

10 Questions To Ask Before You Enrol

These probing questions will help you effectively research and find a life coach training that will put you on the right path to becoming a credible and successful professional life coach.