Easy Marketing For A Coach

Read this page for how to market yourself as a life coach  and create some marketing strategies for your coaching practice that are simple and affordable with lots of helpful "how to's". 


9 Simple Ideas To Fire Up Your Life Coaching Practice

The difference between a good life coach and a successful one, is a coach who  makes a living from professionally life coaching. This is where knowing how to promote your coaching business comes in.

Read on as we discuss some of the types of marketing tools you can use to raise your profile and attract clients.

1. Business Cards and More

Probably the most basic item among your Business Marketing Strategies is a business card that markets for you. Review these creative business card ideas, so you can be sure that your card is a tool to make you memorable to the people you meet at networking functions, a party, or even on the train or plane.

And if you are on a budget designing your own cards on Vistaprint is really easy and I have found their delivery service excellent.

2. Networking Tips For Life Coaches

Making connections through networking is a very effective marketing strategy so look at how to network face-to-face for coaches - and resolve to get out there physically among potential clients.

And, of course online networking , which is also covered, can be  another worthwhile  way to get known, build relationships and promote yourself .This page has lots of hints to get the best from your networking experience.

And whilst we are at it the book Unstoppable Referrals is a useful read for networkers.

Networking can also result in forming  a profitable  joint alliance or venture with another coach or someone in a related profession to your niche. There are rules and tips and traps in such partnerships and this article on Business Joint Ventures will help you get it right.

3. Getting Testimonials From Delighted Clients

This is one of the most powerful and inexpensive marketing tools you can use. Testimonials on your brochure or website are free and powerful advertising. However, getting them can sometimes present challenges from both the coaches and client's perspective.

You'll find all you need to know and some simple strategies for easily getting those endorsements on the page on how to get life coaching client testimonials.

4. Find your speciality or niche and become an expert.

If you have a specialty or niche you can bring to your life coaching, marketing yourself and standing out from the crowd can be so much easier.    What do you really understand or have in your background that could become your coaching specialty?  Learn how to choose and market your niche

To successfully market your niche you need to be able to create a message that is authentic, congruent and inspirational. A message that will have people wanting to know more and feel confident that you are the coach for them.  Easier said than done!

But help is at hand in this video from marketing expert Cindy Schulson of Marketing From Within, especially created for Life Coaching Professionally.

5. Make your website "work" for you

Having a website that looks pretty and gives lots of information is one thing.

But having a website that is easily found by the search engines and is written in such a way that it attracts coaching clients and sales can be quite another.

You'll find lots of helpful information for your coaching website  and tips on making sure your website engages, not enrages your visitors in Life Coaching Websites. 

6. Writing a book and is a mighty marketing tool

Writing a book  based on coaching or getting up at an event and speaking about some aspect of what you  do is a fantastic was of raising your profile, establishing yourself as an authority and getting clients.

You’ll hear people say that a book is just an expensive calling card.

Be Your Own Goals Coach by Wendy Buckingham

Yes it can be. But it is one of THE top marketing for a coach strategies I know . Also, if you list and promote your book up on Amazon and other online  book sites  it can be a useful extra income stream!

Your book  will give you status and credibility and something to refer to and sell at those speaking engagements .

I  got more clients through my first book Ready Set Goal, now superseded by Be Your Own Goals Coach than from any other source. Take a peek.  It will help you set and plan your coaching and book writing goals.

Here's  all your need to know to get started on writing and publishing your book.  You'll find it really useful, especially if you eel a book is beyond you.

 7. Talk your way to recognition as a life coach authority

If you can overcome your fear of public speaking and get up at conferences and events and talk about some aspect of your coaching, the rewards in profile building as and authority will be huge.

In Become a Motivational Speaker I discuss how to put a presentation together, the things that can spoil your talk however well you speak and where to go learn the craft of speaking.   I also show you how to create an introductory, or Elevator Speech, that is a magnetic marketing message. 

I highly recommend Cindy Schulson's work in this area. She offers loads of free advice as well as an amazing free webinar. (click image below for more.

8.  Free Introductory Coaching Sessions

Many coaches and coach providing organizations offer a free 'try before you buy' session as one of their business marketing strategies. The rational being that people don’t understand what life coaching is and need to experience it, and the coach, before they make a decision. There are two schools of thought around this and you can read about the pros and cons of the free introductory session.

Highly Recommended

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