Marketing For Life Coaches Made Easy

Marketing for life coaches is often a hit and miss mystery. This in-depth interview with coaching marketing expert Cindy Schulson, will help you navigate through the maze and attract your ideal paying client..

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1. How Marketing From Within Relates To Life Coaches

Jump to: What Is Marketing From Within?

Marketing from Within goes to the heart of your passion and why you are coaching.  It provides your prospects with an authentic experience of who you are and how it relates to them. It is the process of leveraging your passions, your experiences and your voice and really putting it "out there".

2. The Biggest Mistakes That Coaches Make When Creating And Sharing Their Message

Jump to Mistake 1: The Need For Clarity BEFORE Creating A Message.

According to Cindy, the greatest mistake coaches make when creating their marketing message is having a lack of clarity about their focus. She says "we kind of want to speak to everybody and that's a big mistake because their voices get lost."  Discover how to find a language that resonates with the clients YOU are looking for.

Jump to Mistake 2: Communicating From Your Heart- Not Just Your Head

We all know that people buy with their hearts and justify with their logic. So as life coaching marketers, we need to connect with both the hearts and minds of our ideal clients. You need to go beyond the elevator speech, which is more head based. There is a gazillion people who do what you do so find out how to stand out. 

3. How To Know When Your Marketing Message Is Right

Jump to: Getting The Right Message Right!

Cindy explains that "your message will evolve and the only way to get your message refined, is to share it with your target market".  It's not always a good idea to ask colleagues or friends their opinion because they are not your audience.  Check out her free webinar for more tips and marketing templates.

4. Defining Your Niche

Jump to: Defining Your Niche

Life coaches most commonly choose their niche and then figure out how to reach prospects within that target market.  However, it's not the most effective starting point and Cindy recommends you look within YOU first.  Then match it with the right target market for you. Get started choosing your niche with her free niche success kit

Looking for an in-depth look at creating your own niched life coaching business? This article will support you to find the right coaching niche for you.

5. Branding

Jump to: Branding

Your brand is how people think and feel about you. Get clear about your verbal banding before the visual because the verbal is much cheaper to fix! Master your branding and you will connect with people at an emotional level. Use Cindy's free Brand Message Template to get help with the verbal branding