Suggestions on evaluation questions

by Marion Franklin MCC
(Tarrytown, NY)

From Marion Franklin, MCC. New York.
I too use a feedback/evaluation form at the end of a coaching relationship and at the end of my coach training course. I take the feedback very seriously and constantly make changes.

Before a coaching session itself is complete, I "loop" - that is, after an awareness has been articulated by the client, I will say something like:

"When we started, you were feeling anxious and confused about your son, where are you now with this?"

That lets me know what else is needed in the session, what the client has learned, and usually includes what action the client will take. No need to ask about the session itself after this process.

While I think the overall questions are good ones, I would consider making all of them open-ended.

Example: Instead of "Is there a way I could have been a better coach for you?" which is 'technically' a closed question that could be answered with a yes/no - perhaps "What, if anything, could I have offered as a coach that would have been more helpful?"

Instead of "Did you get what you hoped to get from coaching? Were your expectations met?" (again yes/no) it might be easier for the client (and more useful for you) to say something like:
"How did the coaching meet/not meet your expectations?"

Many of my questions are similar to Wendy's and they really cover a lot of important territory. From my experience, the open-ended questions (just as we use in coaching) are more likely to yield more specific, useful information.

Marion Franklin, MCC

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