Finding The Coaching Niche For YOU!

Choose and Profit From Your Unique Expertise

As a life coach are you having challenges finding the coaching niche that will establish you as an expert in a crowded market? And can you succeed without a niche? Read on and it will be a challenge no longer!


What Is A Life Coaching Niche?

Standing out from the crowd with the coaching niche for you.

When you first start seeking clients you will  most likely take on all-comers just to get experience and a real feel for what it's like to coach.

As you get more confident and identify the type of client you best like working with, you can explore your options and find the coaching niche that could work best for you.

A coaching niche can  be within any of the main coaching fields (personal, business, career, corporate).  Within each field there are niche variations such as relationships, health, productivity, confidence, parenting and, even as my colleague Cindy Schulson does, helping coaches and consultants identify the coaching niche they should develop.

Meet Niche Marketing Expert Cindy Schulson

Much of the information on this page comes from Cindy Schulson, who has made her niche helping life coaches and consultants identify their speciality and develop a successful niche marketing strategy.

Once you have decided who your ideal coaching client is – your niche – the next step is to create a message for prospective clients that is authentic, congruent and inspirational. 

Watch this video, specially made for Life Coaching Professionally by Cindy, and take advantage of the free tools she offers on her website Marketing From Within,  to make sure you get it right.

The WHO and the WHAT

According to Cindy, the most important niche marketing tool is to identify  two vital pieces - the WHO and the WHAT of your coaching.

So when you are looking for a life coaching niche market,  you need to look at ‘who’ is your target market, the people you are aiming to help, and ‘what’ is the solution that you provide for them. 

And when you put those two pieces together you have what you call your Niche.   

It's All About Selling A Coaching Solution

To put it simply says Cindy, potential customers are looking for a solution to a problem or challenge they have.    When you have a clear specialty and you are speaking to a specific group of people offering a specific solution to their problems your marketing will be so much easier.

  • They know you are speaking directly to them so they can really relate to you
  • You are able to much more easily become recognised as an expert in your area of coaching.
  • You’re going to get more referrals because people are clear on who you help and how you help them
  • You can attract more strategic alliance and joint venture partners because you both serve the same target market but with complimentary solutions.

The list goes on but most importantly you get to do the work that you love to do with people you are passionate about helping.

How To Find The Coaching Niche For You

Its not just a question of saying "this area of coaching looks interesting and profitable, I'll give it a go. Your chosen niche or specialty should be about what really interests you and the types of clients you most enjoy working with.

To successfully develop the coaching niche you need to consider......

Your background:

For instance, if your background includes owning a small business or managing a sales team, or a particular life experience such as redundancy or parenting, this can be a factor in your research in choosing where to specialise.

Ask yourself "What do I bring to the coaching experience for the client in addition to my coach training?"

Your other qualifications:
Do you have other qualifications or experience? For instance if you are a qualified financial planner, published author, naturopath or fitness trainer, that could also give you an edge in when you want to find niche markets and develop your niche marketing strategies.

Is the  the coaching nicheI fancy a profitable one?
You may love working with a certain type of client, but know that those clients are not the ones who can easily afford you. 

Much better to seek out a related demographic of clients that can easily pay your fee.  You can always take on a few pro bono clients who can't afford you.  Remember you are starting a coaching business, not a charity! 

Can You Successfully Coach Without A Niche?

Of course you can! and there are some very successful life coaches with no niche.  But even they usually have a specialty in the way they coach. 

There is a school of thought that puts forward the view that coaching is completely generic. The theory is that any well-trained skilled life or business coach should be able to coach in any situation, regardless of the their background or skills.

Yes, the skill-set is the same - asking the right questions, helping the client with setting, planning and achieving goals and finding the underlying issues so that solutions can be discovered.

However, I believe that the background, experience and understanding from which those questions are asked, and how the answers are listened to, understood and answered, can be equally important.

For instance, a Life Coach with a therapy background may understand the personal issues, but be totally out of depth with the language, politics and needs of the corporate or business world.

This is where a combination of coaching and mentoring can often have the edge. What's the difference? Learn how life coaching differs from mentoring and other skills here.

Share Your Experience of Finding
Your Own Coaching Opportunities and Niche

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