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I’ve found that many clients present with “I need to get organized and get on top of things first THEN I can focus on my important goals”.

The problem with this is that total organization and being on top of things never comes!

Something else will always crop up to distract or be attended to.

This is where you need to coach your client to realize and accept that they may never be totally organized. They need to put the important things that will move them forward first, and fill in the 'getting organized' tasks later.

I find a good question to get them to ask themselves is: “When I look back on this day (or week) what is the most productive thing I could have done to help me achieve my goals”? It might not even be something big, but it will move them forward.

Then, get them to make a list of all those known things they need to do to get organized and schedule them in to do AFTER they have done the important thing that is going to move them forward.

You’ll find some more on getting organized and handling overwhelm in a brand interview I conducted with internationally renowned time management expert, Robyn Pearce.

The Importance of Time Management

You may also need to how to coach your clients to manage and eliminate time stealing.

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