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Belinda Merry MCC - WorkStyle Warrior

by Belinda Merry
(near Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)

The troublesome logo!

The troublesome logo!

There's a real lesson to be learned from Belinda's experience with her logo design. Wendy

When I had the merrymentality logo designed by a graphic designer I was thrilled with the result. It looked professional and it was - I had paid her good money for it - in fact it was 1/12th of my start up budget ($500 of $6,000)back in 1999.

The problem occurred when I took the disk (yes we used disks back then!) to the printer where all my stationery was being printed. He said that his software couldn't speak to my graphic designer's software.... arrghhhhh!!!

In hindsight I could have done my homework better and saved myself money, time, stress and energy.

Please learn from my mistake and be sure your graphics people can speak with your printing people - hard and software.

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