Life Coaching Resources and Tools 

These Life Coaching Resources will support the growth of your professional coaching career. Many of these tools are free or for little cost and will really help you grow as professionally.. 

Coaching Tools To Save Time And Grow Your Practice

My friend and colleague Emma Louise Elsey is a great coach who founded The Coaching Tools Company  

She has created some fabulous resources, which I can highly recommend, in the way of coaching processes and templates that will help enhance your coaching and grow your practice.  I've checked them out and have used and adapted many of them myself over the years. 

 A complete guide to the tools (many of them free) and how to use them will help you choose the ones you will find the most useful in your coaching practice.

Help defining your niche and getting your message across

I've been recommending Cindy Schulson of Marketing From Within for many years and the feedback is that she is one of the most authentic and best when it comes to helping coaches "Marketing With Heart" which is of course the best way to market coaching. 

Cindy generously has some wonderful free trainings and templates to help you with your brand and creating your message and also offers webinars one on one coaching.  

Goal Planning Secrets

These 11 secrets and tips  for successful  goal achievement come from my book Be Your Own Goals Coach,  

As much about life skills as  goal setting and planning this book will turn out to be one of your most valuable resources. It includes creating a "personal success policy" and a chapter to help you as a coach, use the principles in the book with your clients.

The BE, DO, Have model 

 A vital tool for goal planning success or in fact any coaching success is to help your clients operate and behave in a way that works for them.  

The BE DO HAVE model shows you how to help you (and your clients) identify who you need to strive to BE to DO what you need to do to HAVE those goals and outcomes that are so important to you.

Help your clients provide feedback

Use these questions to help your life coaching clients provide feedback

These coaching evaluation questions will enable your clients provide you with invaluable feedback on how your coaching has worked for them and any improvements you could make.

The question and answer format will also help them identify their wins and what they have gained from coaching so they can give you a great testimonial!

How coachable is your prospective client?

Check a client's commitment BEFORE you begin the life coaching program

Life coaches sometimes accept a new client without asking some vital questions to make sure they are actually coachable by you.  (I've done this)  So if you use these coachability questions with prospective clients to check they are a good fit for your there will be far less probability of the coaching relationship not working out and needing to find a way out which leads us to.....

How To Fire A Client

Sometimes in spite of all good research and intention, the client turns out to be a dud.

This article examines the reasons why you might want to let a client go and How To Fire A Client ,without drama, when coaching them is not working for whatever reason and you want out. 

They are draining  your energy and confidence you are simply not a good match for them or they are uncoachable (at least by you at this time).

Teach Your Clients How To Say No

Often at the root of a client's challenges is they lack the skill to set boundaries so they don't end up doing stuff they really don't want to do or don't really have the time to do without neglecting what they need or want to do.

Coach your clients how to say NO elegantly to things they don't want to do or get involved in, without causing offence or burning their bridges.

The Art Of Delegation

Some great points for educating clients who think them have to do it all themselves in How And When To Delegate 

This can be of real benefit to small business clients as even personal coaching clients who are having challenges from their partners or children.

Solo Build It - A complete online business building system

Solo Build It!

“As a life coach you are inevitably going to need a website to showcase who you are, how you coach and all those great client testimonials so you can build your business. This is especially so if you are planning to coach nationally or internationally online, rather than just locally.

 I chose Solo Build It! to create Life Coaching Professionally .If you want everything you need in a “working” website in an "all in one package" and I  strongly recommend it. You can trial it for free. It has a powerful step-by-step Action Guide for building a business online, safe hosting, SEO help and a community forum with support from website experts. 

 I do realise you can get a basic website up and running for free with Wix, Weeby, Wordpress and so on. But with these platforms, you can end up paying a lot of money for all the plug-ins and additional help you may you need to make the site really work for you. SBI costs $300USD annually for everything.  There are many traps to truly getting your website found on the web to avoid, which is why I chose Solo Build It!

 If you already own a Wordpress site, I recommend you invest in Solo Build It! for Wordpress. This provides some of the most important features of SBI! including the Action Guide business building education package; a unique keyword brainstorming tool and fabulous free support.

 So before you choose a website provider, do take into consideration real cost and usability and include SBI! in your research. 

Do You Have a Great Coaching Resource?

Please tell me about it