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Writing and publishing a book about your coaching niche or specialty can be a really powerful way to attract clients. In this preview of my "How to (easily) Write A Book About Your Coaching Niche" eBook, I freely share some of the content, including stress free ways of getting that book out of your head and into a book, plus four ways of publishing. 

It seems just about every coach believes they have a book "inside" them, just waiting to be written and taking them to the status of "author".

But for many, because they just don't know where to start, that book never happens. It stays in the too hard procrastination basket.

So if writing a book about your coaching is on your list of "someday" goals, read on to learn about my book the steps I took to become a successful author.   

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Who Needs You To Write A Book About Your Coaching?

Do your research

One of the most important steps to being a successful author is  to start with some careful book writing research. This is to clarify who would benefit from your information.

Two questions to ask yourself are...

Female hands typing on laptop. Title is "What You Need To Know About Writing And Publishing A Book About Life Coaching".

1. Who will my coaching book appeal to and help?

This question is important because if your coaching book is to be a success it needs a real point of difference compared to what is already available in a crowded marketplace.  

Visit Amazon and some of the other online book sellers, and search your main topics. Browse large bookshop to see what is already available in hard copy about your particular coaching niche. From what you learn, aim to come up with a unique angle and/or an eye-catching title that will stand out from the many other coaching books.

How do I want my book to look and feel?

One of the most important things to consider in your research is that your book will be a representation of who you are, your knowledge and your professionalism in both content AND presentation.

This means that the cover design and, in the case of hard copy, the physical feel of the book is really important. Again, do some research online and in book stores to examine the books that instantly jump out to you. Study how they look and feel. Notice the size of the type, the colour of the cover and the typeface and the layout.  If you REALLY like one, buy it so you can use it as a working model!

Six Tips On Writing a Book (Easily)

Three images of the cover of "How to (easily) Write a Book About Your Coaching Niche depicting phone, reader and printed formats

Sometimes the content will just roll of your pen or computer. And at other times things will stall and it will be a struggle. These are extracts of just a few of the strategies for writing a book that I found useful to keep up the momentum.

You'll find more on each of them in my book. More information...

1. Create a template to write your book

I suggest you do this by making a list of the subjects that you are going to cover and use these as a working list of chapter headings.  This creates a template to write a book that give you a framework to fill. 

2. Imagine you are an instructor or coach

If you are stuck on expressing what to include, pretend you are giving step-by-step written instructions or teaching someone who is taking over from you what they need to know. 

3. Set a firm goal

Maybe this should be tip No. 1!

Set a firm goal, with a realistic time frame for when you will have that book in your hand on see it in an online bookstore.  The steps for this will include getting really clear on why you want to write a book and the action steps you need to take.

Use the SMART goal format which you can find through Google or as a chapter in my eBook "Mastering the Art of Goals Coaching"

4. Capture those fleeting thoughts

Keep a pen and notebook handy at all times or use the note facility on your phone. Even have them by your bed to capture night-time creative writing prompts that may come out of your dreams. 

5. Compile your published articles

Gather together any articles, social media comments, and any other material you have already written on the subject of your life coaching specialty and put them into some sort of sequence. 

6. Overcoming procrastination and writers block

The above tips will help avoid writers block but when the writing juices really dry up, try working on some other important aspects of your book such as planning and choosing illustrations or researching distribution options. 

Why I Wrote This Book

I wrote this and the other books in my Life Coaching Success series, because I like many coaches was keen to share my information through books. 

At the start, even though I had worked as a feature write for some major newspapers and magazines my actual book never happened. When I became a coach it stayed stuck in my head as an idea, instead of becoming a valuable marketing strategy for my coaching.

I found that writing a book of over a 100 pages about your coaching specialty can be a daunting and time consuming task, however much you want to do it and know your stuff. Overwhelm and procrastination can set in even if you are an experienced writer! 

So when I had achieved the goal of writing and publishing my first book, "Ready Set Goal", I wanted to pass on the journey of how I got out of procrastination and became a published author to other coaches.  

I started with a simple "tips booklet"

I discovered through browsing the net, that an easy beginners path for many types of educational books is to compile a booklet of short, but invaluable tips on the subject. For me the result was "54 Tips On How Successful People Achieve Their Goals!".  

The tips were easy and short to write, and the booklet inexpensive to design and print either in hard copy or as an ebook. It became a fabulous tool to use as a promotional  give-away or sell for $5.

Inspired with confidence, I grew little tips booklet from a booklet into a beautifully designed self-published book of goal planning and life skills tips and called it "Ready Steady Goal!".

It was then picked up by a major publisher who commissioned me to expand it with lots more information to a proper book which they published and named "Ready Set Goal!" It was distributed and sold internationally.

More recently, I have now rewritten and repositioned it as  "Mastering the Art of Goals Coaching" as part of my Life Coaching Successfully series.

It has been quite a journey over several years, but without that easy start with a tips booklet, becoming an author might still be in the too hard basket.  

So that's how I got writing, let's move on to publishing and distribution.

Cover of How to (Easily) Write A Book About Your Coaching + 4 Ways to Publish by Wendy Buckingham

Wendy! WOW! This book is fabulous! It breathes support from the first word to the last!

Your expert advice from your very own experience tremendously helped take away the “tense edge” of overwhelm that was keeping me from taking the next step in creating and actually publishing my own coaching expertise in book form!

Thank you for your generous spirit of help and encouragement!

I am keeping your book close at hand as my “cheerleader” on my book-publishing journey! Tami Thorsen, Life Coach, South Carolina.

 Four Ways To Go About Publishing Your Book

Getting your book published and into the market place can be even more challenging than writing the words.

In "How to (easily) Write a Book About Your Coaching Niche + 4 Ways to Publish"  (actually there are 5😊), I go into details about your publishing options and the advantages and disadvantages of each as well as useful hints and traps to avoid - and there are many. 

  1. Using a publisher 
  2. Self publishing - with useful do's and dont's
  3. Kindle and eBooks
  4. Print on demand publishers
  5. Writing and publishing services

I also discuss the various distribution options depending on your choice of publishing. You need to research how are you going to get your wonderful book out there into the marketplace and the book covers it.  

What's Next In Your Book Writing Journey?

So there you have it. A starting point of useful information on writing a book.

Hands on keyboard for cover of "Write a Book about Your Coaching Niche" by Wendy Buckingham

And, of course, for the full story and much much more information and help to get your coaching book written and published, do consider investing the price of a cup of coffee and a cake😀 in "How to Write A Book About Your Coaching Niche".

Here's to your book writing success!

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More help for growing your skills and promoting yourself?

I have written three other informative books (again from my own experience) that will help you to authentically attract new quality clients, increase your coaching skills and  promote your coaching services.

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More about this Book

More about this Book

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