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Thank you for your Life Coaching Accelerator on "Niche Madness". Before being a coach I spent years in marketing so totally understand the need to know your target market and be clear about your offer.

However in the context of coaching this has been driving me nuts recently and I really appreciate your common sense, pragmatic approach. Looking forward to more of your wisdom. Ali Richards, UK

Just to say a big thank you for your excellent articles.  As a new career coach I find them totally invaluable.  They are down to earth and make perfect sense. I have shared them with new coaches I have met. Thank you. Lynda Denman. UK

A heartfelt thanks for sharing your extensive experience on your website and through your Life Coaching Accelerators. Can I say that you bring clarity and understanding to me that I really appreciate. I also found β€œ10 Easy Ideas to Jumpstart Your Life Coaching Practice” very useful
Brenda Van Rossum, Leadership Coach, Toronto

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