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Life Coaching Professionally

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This blog assists new and established coaches and those wanting to embrace life coaching as a career with independent information, coaching tips and practice growing strategies.

How To Craft An Effective Elevator Speech

Are you struggle to answer the question “what do you do” briefly and susinctly?

Then you will find my article on crafting and becoming fluent on your “elevator” speech as well as some important and useful do’s and don’ts

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Using Personal Growth Coaching in Your Niche

Personal growth or life coaching is the backbone skill to success of all coaching niches.

This is because behind any issue brought for coaching there is inevitably also a personal angle such a relationships, communication or work/life balance.

Learn why this is so, how personal or life coaching is used to benefit all types of client needs and the opportunities personal growth coaching offers.

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Using presentations to attract clients

I’ve always found one of the best ways to attract committed clients is to deliver a lively and value filled presentation around your coaching specialty.

Given that Zoom has taken the place of many live presentations I’ve included a section about presenting using an online platform in my book How To User Speaking To Promote Your Coaching.

For about the price of a cup of a coffee and a muffin, you'll find all the low down to support you to feel confident about presenting whether you have a face to face or online audience and even tips on overcoming any fears about public speaking.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

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Getting It Right With Guest Blogging

Writing guest articles and comments on a coaching related site can be a great way to raise your profile and attract potential clients. But there are important Do’s and Don’ts about where to put your efforts and the traps to avoid so you don’t waste your time. This Guest Blogging Guidelines for coaches will help you get it right.

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How to Become a Small Business Life Coach

Many life coaches are attracted to the niche of coaching business owners, whether it be for startup or business growth.

It's an interesting and profitable coaching specialty with high demand.

Read on what it takes to successfully combine life coaching with small business coaching and the boundaries you need to be aware of.

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Useful Feedback Questions to Ask at That Final Coaching Session

Do you get stuck on what to say in your final session with a client.

Check out this list of 10 coaching evaluation questions to ask for feedback and to get some valuable information that can help in the creation of client attracting testimonial.

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The Benefit of Joining a Life Coaching Association

Joining an independent coaching association can have lots of benefits, especially for the coach who works from home.

You get to be part of a community and there are often really valuable membership benefits, such as discounts and a referral facility.

Check out this list of coaching associations to learn what to look for before you join, as well as a list and links to many associations to choose from.

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How To Get The Best From Networking In Person and Online

Know you need to network effectively, both in person and online, but go into overwhelm just thinking about it and don’t know where to start.

Whether you are a new or seasoned networker you'll get value from checking out this useful free guide on the where to, how' to and do'sand don'ts of successful networking to build your coaching profile

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How To Give An Engaging Presentation About Your Coaching

Being able to confidently present an audience, in person or online, about your coaching is a sure way to add to your reputation as an expert.

In my new eBook “Using Speaking To Promote Your Coaching”, for the price of a coffee and a muffin,I show you how to go about it as a guest speaker.

I include how to get help to overcome speaker anxiety, craft a successful presentation, avoid logistics traps and lots more. Check out the details here:

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How to (easily) Write and Publish Your Book

I was recently interviewed online about what it takes to actually write a book and get it published.

So many people listening revealed they needed help on how to get started let alone finish and publish.

My book How to (easily) Write A Book About Coaching + Plus 4 Ways to Publish is a great resource for anyone who wants to start, finish, publish and get that wonderful book lurking inside them out into world. So check it out here.

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How to Avoid Hidden Payment Fees For Your Coaching

There are quite a few alternatives to the popular PayPal and the big thing to look out for is hidden fees that are not immediately apparent.

I’ve just added a section on Payment Methods to my How to Decide Your Life Coaching Fees page on my website (Use Quicklink 3, at the top of the page)

It tells you where those hidden fees are and shows you how to best get paid to avoid them.

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How To Successfully Do Swaps With Your Life Coaching

To swap your coaching for with another coach or in exchange for something else can seem like a good idea. Especially when you are starting out as a coach and want to get as much experience as you can.

However there are questions to ask to avoid the traps of swapping.

If you are going to exchange your life coaching for another product or service, here's how to make sure you are getting a good deal and don't end up feeling resentful and out of exchange.

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The Rise of Online Coaching Providers

I’ve been fascinated by an article I've just read on the rise of coaching services for online coaching.

It inspired me to include a new section on online coaching providers (Quicklink 4) in the information on my website which I wrote for those coaches who have great coaching skills but prefer to leave the marketing to someone else.

I've also included a link to the article for you to read.

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Protect your coaching with firm written agreements

When there are no rules, people make up their own!

That’s why it is no important for coaches, right from the moment they engage their first clients, to have firm written agreements, disclaimers and refund policies to protect their coaching and any website or course content.

For more on this and some great hints on getting it right read on.

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Mastering the Art of Goals Coaching

All coaching is about goals - taking the client from where they are to where they want to be.

My new book, Mastering The Art of Goals Coaching, written from over 20 years coaching experience, is a proven template for not only helping your clients with choosing and setting their goals but coaching strategies for handling all those obstacles along the path to achievement with ease and certainty.

Check it out and see some of the content here:

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Solving The Niche Dilemma

So many new coaches struggle to identify their niche - the ideal client they want to work with. Then there is the challenge of creating just the right message to reach those prospective clients.

You can take the struggle out of this process by taking advantage of the free niche training offered by Cindy Schulson, of Marketing With Heart.

Cindy is one of the most authentic and best marketing authorities I know when it comes to solving the niche dilemma for coaches.You can read more about coaching niches and download her free Discover Your Ideal Niche training. Also check out her mentor program.

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How to (easily) write a book about your coaching

Have you always thought “someday I’ll write a book about my coaching”.

But for whatever reason “someday” never comes, it all seems too hard. You don’t know where to start or how to put it all together. And how do you go about getting it published and will anyone buy it?

Well how about making it a firm goal to achieve for 2022 with my eBook “How to (easily) write a book about your coaching”. It will guide you through all these steps and more and have you turn that dream of writing a book into a reality.

Check out the preview and you can be well on your way to becoming a published author.

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Free Stuff With No Strings Attached.

Everybody loves free stuff. Especially when it offers a lot of value with no strings attached. So check out my free Life Coaching Accelerators which come from 20 years+ coaching experience (and a lot, lot more life experience:).

You'll get fortnightly tips and tools and special offers to develop your coaching.

You can sign up here and receive your free welcome gift of 10 Ways To Jumpstart Your Coaching Practice.

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Avoid These 14 Common Website Mistakes

Mistakes. As the saying goes ‘looking back in hindsight, you have 20 x 20 vision.

So here is some wisdom around 14 website mistakes, that could cost you time and money. Read them to discover the mistakes you don't need to make, or should think about correcting to get the best from your coaching site.

Also take heed from a website disaster case study to learn from that will have you cringing.

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Three new eBooks to Develop Your Coaching and Attract Quality Clients

Do take a moment to preview my three new eBooks.

*Mastering The Discovery Session

*How to Use Speaking to Promote Your Coaching

*How to (easily) Write a Book About Your Coaching

Written from my 20+ years as a life coach they are waffle free, full of information, tips and, templates, to help develop your coaching and attract new clients. They come with a 100% refund guarantee.

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Free tools and tips to develop your coaching

invite you to share my knowledge and 20+ years of coaching experience through my regular free Life Coaching Accelerators.

You'll receive help with everything from choosing a training to promoting yourself and attracting clients as well as some useful coaching materials and special offers to develop your coaching.

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Does your personal FB help engage prospective clients

What do prospective clients see when the click on your FB profile? Is it a lot of irrelevant chat about you, your partner, your kids and their pet and/or what might inspire.

What I want to know, and I think other people who check out your profile want to know, is how do you relate to me in a coaching context so I get really frustrated when the space on your profile where you can post an intro to your coaching is left blank.

So do take the time and effort to fill this intro in with a few words about what you do professionally and a a link either to your coaching website, blog, LinkedIn, or your Facebook business page and don't miss out on this important marketing opportunity. You can see how I have done it on my personal FB page.

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Solving the Coaching Niche Dilemma

To niche or not to niche and how narrow should your niche be? It’s a question that is often polarised in conversations about marketing and building your coaching business.

Indeed there sometimes seems to be so much pressure on new coaches to choose a niche that it has become more like niche madness.

Here’s what you need to know about choosing your coaching niche, or not, as well as how to create an engaging message to attract those ideal clients.

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More to Achieving Goals Than 'You Can Do It'

Goal Achievement Case Studies

I’m not a fan of the Ra Ra You Can Do I regardless approach to goal setting and achievement. It’s often a much more subtle and holistic approach that gets results.

Goals are not set in stone, they can be fluid and flexible and their success depends on so many factors.

These case studies from my coaching demonstrate this and might give you some good distinctions when working with your clients around their the goals and outcomes they want to achieve.

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A free boost for your coaching

I invite you to share my knowledge and 20+ years of coaching experience through my regular free Life Coaching Accelerators of coaching and practice building tips.

Everything from choosing a training to starting your practice and really useful coaching materials as well as special offers.

Subscribe here and get your welcome gift of ideas to jumpstart your coaching practice.

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Choosing The Right Life Coach Training For You

Researching and finding a life coach training can be a confusing task. You get so many recommendation from people who have been happy with their training.

The challenge is finding the right one with a syllabus and focus that works for you, not someone else. It's not a one size fits all thing.

Although the basic training to be a coach is the same there are lots of other things to consider.

This information and questions to ask will help you make the right decision.

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Fabulous Resources to Help Grow Your Coaching Practice

Are you confused about how to find your ideal client and then how to create a message that resonates with that client so they want your coaching?

If so, then take a visit to Marketing With Heart website where Cindy Schulson has some free templates and trainings that will really make a difference.

These include a Branding Template, A Niche Success Kit and free trainings including How to Create a Coaching Package That Sells.

Cindy also has a Facebook group you can join and a Mentor Club (paid) where she holds your hand as you go through marketing process for your coaching.

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A Free Tool To Create Your Captivating Brand Message

Do you hesitate when someone asks you what you do? Does your message let you stand out, and inspire people to learn more?

Expressing what you do authentically and congruently is a big challenge for many coaches.

So take advantage of this free Brand Message Template that will help you get clarity on your message and be able to express it simply and easily when you are asked “so what do you do?”

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A Free Summit To Grow Your Coaching

Here's a great opportunity to stay up to date with the coaching industry. You'll learn the latest, most innovative coaching methods. Join FREE online classes covering topics such as:

• How coaches let themselves down• How to take your coaching from proficient to profound• How to grow your email list as a coach• And SO much more!

All without any sales hype.

Starting June 1st, it's a fablous opportunity to learn from the most brilliant minds in the coaching industry!

More and how to register

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Solving the "I have to get organised first" client challenge

Your clients may often tell you something like " I need to get organised and get on top of things first THEN - and THEN I can focus on my important goals." 

The problem is that total organisation and being on top of things can rarely be achieved or permanently last!  It’s an ongoing process to master.

You'll find some fantastic information and tools to help your clients get out of organising overwhelm and into control in The Productivity and Time Management Toolkit from the Coaching Tools Company.

Check out the many practical tips, techniques and concepts, which will help your clients transform, prioritise and make better use of the time they have.

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