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Website Problems To Know And Avoid

I’m ashamed to say this blog, comes for my own discovery that on one of the pages on Life Coaching Professionally four of the links weren’t working at all or going to the wrong place. Not a good look!

So I do thoroughly recommend to all your website and blog owners out there, please check your links regularly to make sure they are working and linking to where you want them to. Then you don’t run the risk of annoying and possibly losing prospective coaching clients who visit you online.

It’s easy to do, just bookmark the free Broken Link Check

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Solving The Life Coaching Fees Dilemma

One of the most frequently asked questions by new coaches is “How do I know what to charge?” and “Should I start coaching for free?

In my page on setting your life coaching fees I discuss these challenges around getting it right about what to charge, including the danger of discounting, the pros and cons of publishing your fees and whether or not there is a benefit in giving free sessions.

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Finding Your Way Through the Life Coach Training Jungle

If you are an aspiring life coach chances are you are confused by the number of trainings and certification courses on offer and how to make the best choice?

It’s a jungle out there I know and finding one that is legitimate, credible and will stand you in good stead in a coaching career can be really challenging. 

This article will help you research to find the best training and certification for your needs, including 10 vital questions to ask before you enrol and part with your money

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Find The Best Marketing Path For YOU!

It seems a coach only has to murmur  “I need some help to get coaching clients" and they are inundated with offers of  help – at a price from numerous “experts”. However, one size doesn’t fit all when it come to promoting yourself.

This article will help you steer safely through the minefield of finding the right life coach marketing plan for you. You'll also learn six powerful questions to ask before commit and part with your money.

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12 Proven Simple Marketing Ideas for Life Coaches

Marketing their skills is often the Achilles Heel of coaches. They love and are good at what they do, but are stuck on how best to turn that into a profitable business.

These simple 12 no cost or low cost ideas will raise your profile and attract those ideal clients you are seeking.

Pick out one or two or even three that resonate with you and go for it!

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How To Network Effectively - Do's And Don'ts

Networking, whether face to face or online, is a great way to raise your profile, make great connections and attract coaching clients.

These networking tips and tricks on what to do and, more importantly, what not to do.

Learn how to build your confidence, overcome networking anxiety and get it right whether you are meeting people in person or through social media networking.

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Getting The Legal Agreements Right For Your Coaching Business

It’s so important for your coaching business to have the right legal protections in place.

My latest article is on simple and affordable ways to protect yourself from litigation and plagiarism and get those important life coaching agreements watertight.

Everything from contracts and refund policies to disclaimers and website course content copyright protection.

A sound investment in peace of mind

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Finding Life Coaching Jobs That Are Right For You!

Finding Life Coaching Jobs and opportunities that really fit your skills can be a challenge.

In this article I guide you through what you need to know and lots of tip that will give you the edge when applying for small business to corporate contracted or in-house coaching positions.

Your qualifications, experience, resume and how you present yourself make all the difference to your chances of being successful.

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How To Make A Success Of Guest Blogging And Avoid The Traps

Whoopee! Somebody has asked you to be a a guest writer on their blog or to add a comment. How good is that for raising your profile and getting al link to your site!

But not all invitations should be accepted - some will just be a wast of your time and energy. Here's all the information you need and loads of tips on how to sort out when and when not to accept those invitations.

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Solving The Coaching Niche Dilemma

To niche or not to niche and how narrow should your niche be? It’s a question that is often polarised in conversations about marketing and building your coaching business.

Here’s what you need to know about choosing your coaching niche, or not, and how, whichever path you take, to get your message across in an engaging way to attract clients.

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Check Out This Huge Sale of Fabulous Coaching Tools

It's last day of a fabulous sale of really useful coaching tools so do check them out.

I'm a great fan of the coaching tools offered by the Coaching Tools Company - Welcome Packs, Business Packs, Career packs, Social Media pack to name just a few.

They are professional, All brandable to your own coaching business and will save you heaps of time.

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Strategic Alliances Can Grow Your Coaching Business

Forming alliances with other professionals can be hugely beneficial in growing your coaching business.

But, of course, there are tips and traps to take into account so your partnership doesn’t end in tears. This might help you make the right choices when teaming up with another practitioner.

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All About Coaching Supervision and Mentoring

When your initial coach training is complete and you have that certificate in your hot little hand, it’s a good idea to take on a coach mentor or supervisor.

They will be there to hold your hand, at least through those first client session, or to give you advice on building your business.

But how do you decide whether it's a supervisor or mentor you want. And how do you choose one that is a good match? This will help you ask the right questions and find someone who you are compatible with.

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Check Out This Great Toolkit For Small Business Coaches

If you are, or looking to become a small business coach there is a fantastic November only offer, I have checked out and can really recommend.

Normally it is $197 but with a $50 discount to $147 this 31 piece kit is a great opportunity to take advantage of the saving if you have clients that are either in Small Business or would like to own their own business. 

The Small Business Tool Kit has no fewer that 31 templates for you to choose from, adapt and brand for your own coaching business.

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Six Tips To Help Your Clients With Weight Loss Goals

As a life coach, weight loss success stories are often very challenging to achieve.

There are so many insidious challenges your clients can face that get in the way.

These six, tips specifically to support goals to lose weight will help you coach your clients to have the result they are looking for.

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The Importance of Learning to Delegate

My latest blog post addresses this issue with information on how to start delegating or outsourcing tasks (something that can be really useful to pass on to your clients)

This is because so many coaches are stuck in the belief that they need to do everything involved in building their coaching business themselves from marketing to administration and also take responsibility for everything else that their personal life demands.

Read how much easier life will be if you learn to delegate those tasks you don't really need to do yourself.

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Using the BE DO Have Model in Coaching

Are you familiar with The Be Do Have model for coaching?

It’s a great tool for helping your clients achieve their goals.

It can also be one of the most confusing and misunderstood processes.

My blog post simplifies and explains this with some examples. I hope you find it useful and would love to hear your thoughts.

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More To Achieving Goals Than "You Can Do It"

Goal Achievement Case Studies

I’m not a fan of the Ra Ra You Can Do I regardless approach to goal setting and achievement. It’s often a much more subtle and holistic approach that gets results.

Goals are not set in stone, they can be fluid and flexible and their success depends on so many factors.

These case studies from my coaching demonstrate this and might give you some good distinctions when working with your clients around their the goals and outcomes they want to achieve.

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Finding The Right Life Coach Association for YOU!

How To Fire A Client

One of the best things you can do for yourself as a new coach is to join an independent life coaching association.

You’ll be part of a community and also have membership benefits that could really be useful to your careers.

I’ve just updated my very out of date page on why you should belong to one and added some more of the coaching associations you can check out before you join.

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Life Coaching Resources To Help You and Your Clients

Are you looking for life coaching materials and processes to use in your coaching.

I’ve just updated the resources page on my website Life Coaching Professionally and you’l find lots there to help you with your coaching and growing your practice, much of it free

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How To Fire A Client

Have you ever found you just don't want to continue coaching a particular client.

Despite your initial confidence that they were a good match, these clients turn out to be uncoachable (at least by you at this time). You come to dread session time with them and your confidence suffers.

There can be many reasons for the coaching not working but the problem is you don’t know how to stop working with them cleanly and elegantly.

So let's look at some of the reasons you may want to fire a client and how to do it and a couple of my own experiences.

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How NOT To Get Coaching Clients

It seems a life coach only has to murmur “I need some help to get coaching clients” and they are inundated with offers of marketing help – at a high price. Here is some information to help you steer safely through the minefield of getting the right coach marketing help by asking six powerful questions.

This article has come about because of the sad tales I hear from coaches, who realise too late that they have spent a fortune on engaging a “coach marketing strategist” to teach them how to get coaching clients.

 But they are not getting the results they have been promised.

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Make Your Business Cards "Work" For You To Attract Clients

“IdeasEven in these days of social media networking you need a business card. These seven creative and cool business card ideas will make sure your business card really does the job of marketing your life  coaching and making sure you are memorable to everyone you hand one out to. 

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Speak Up And The Clients Will Come

It's a real plus as a life coach to also become a motivational speaker and use your presentations as a tool to grow your practice. 

Read These 10 tips on getting started as a speaker (even if you are scared), including how to avoid “death by powerpoint, and six ways to ensure a trouble-free presentation.

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Find The Best Life Coach Marketing Plan For YOU!

One size doesn't fit all when it comes to your life coach marketing plan. So choose a way to market your coaching that will give you results without stress.

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Your website as a magnet for coaching clients

Frustrated with trying to build a coaching website and actually getting people to view it? Frustrated with finding that “free” website is not really free but involves lots of extras if you want it to work for you?

Then check out Solo Built It a complete package with a once off annual fee that includes design, content advice, SEO help , an easy to follow action guide, a hosting and mail out system and a forum where you get prompt understandable answers to you questions just to name a few.

And if you already have a Wordpress site, have a look at SBI! for Wordpress for help in turning it into an online business building tool for your coaching.

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How Do You Want to Meet with Your Clients

Do you think face to face is the best way or do you want to explore the benefits of phone, Skype, Zoom or some other platform.

In this online world it’s good to be able to offer more than one way of getting together. Read on for a run-down on the pros and cons of each possibility.

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How Not To Go About Building Your Website

This is an actual sad case study from one of my client that shows what an happen if you dive into commissioning a website that you want to attract clients without due research into what it takes to build an online business . Unfortunately this quite common tale for coaches so do read and learn how to avoid the traps and having you project end in tears.

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Making Sure Your Life Coaching Website Is Found By New Clients

Creating a life coaching website that looks good and works as an online source of new business.

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A Real Life Website Development Disaster To Learn From

This unfortunate website development disaster is a powerful case study that highlights the costly mistakes to avoid, wasting your money - poor design, weak content, no SEO, confusing navigation.

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