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The BE DO HAVE Model Simplified

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If you have not used the BE DO HAVE life coaching model, this simple explanation will help you understand how it works and show you some ways  to use it with your clients to help them achieve their outcomes and goals.

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How The Be Do Have Model Works?

The first thing to understand is that a goal or outcome has two aspects to be considered.

Asian group doing Tai Chi reflecting the idea of driving your goals with Be Do Have,
  •  WHAT you want to achieve (or HAVE)
  •  WHO you need to authentically BE (how you need to operate) to DO what it takes to make it happen - the HAVE

Life Coaching is as much about working with the BE of a client as it is about supporting and  holding them accountable for their actions (DO) so they can (HAVE) the outcome the desire.

It's a model that is hugely useful when you are coaching career or business issues, but can be just as relevant in highly emotional decision making processes. 

 So let's look at some examples:

Using Be Do Have To Achieve Personal Goals

An example of this is the fitness or weight loss goals so many our clients have, yet struggle to achieve.

The problem is that that most people focus on the HAVE - losing weight, instead of the BE which is the main driver for achieving a goal.

For someone to increase their chances of succeeding, they first need to  BEcome the person who is maybe willing to find better ways of handling stress instead of comfort eating and procrastinating about exercise. Or BE someone who is willing to give up things that might sabotage their weight loss (in my own case chocolate, sugar and cheese.)

In other words to lose weight the client needs to, BE someone who can develop strategies to DO what it takes  -  maybe saying NO to that second piece of cake - and YES to more exercise! The result is the HAVE of the slim fit body!

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Applying Be Do Have To Career and Business Goals

Say your client wants to set a career or business goal to make $1 million in five years. That’s the outcome – the HAVE.

To get there, you and/or and the people in your organisation have to BE skilled, informed and confident enough to behave (DO) in a certain way and to implement what needs to be done to achieve that $1m target (HAVE). And if the skills of the BE for some tasks are not within the team, then the BE and DO could be outsourced.

In other words to BE the WHO, that can DO what it takes to reach the HAVE (the goal).

So who do you have to BE to DO what you need to do to achieve HAVE a successful coaching practice. 
The model is one of the important Personal Success Strategies to develop when planning a goal that I write about in my book Be Your Own Goals Coach

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