The BE DO HAVE Model Simplified

And How To Use It As A Fabulous Life Coaching Tool

If you have not used or understood the BE DO HAVE model, read on. You will soon come to appreciate that it can be one of your most valuable coaching tools.

  This simple explanation  will help you understand the model and create ways to use it with your clients in the achievement of their outcomes and goals.

So How Does Be Do Have Work?

One way to explain the relationship between the BE and the DO and the HAVE is in the make up of a goal.

A goal has two faces: the WHAT and the WHO

The Be Do Have model simply explainedThe What and the Who of Goal Achievement
  • Face 1 is the WHAT you want to achieve (or HAVE)

  • Face 2 is the WHO you need to authentically BE to make it happen

The WHO (or the BE) that does the DO is what drives you and subsequently results in the HAVE or WHAT being achieved.

Confused? I’m not surprised. So let's look at some examples.

Be Do Have In Personal Goals

A prime personal example of this is the fitness or weight loss goals so many of us have, yet never quite achieve.

It’s about WHO we have to BE to HAVE or achieve a slim fit body.

It could be about being willing to develop the strategies to become someone who knows how to relax and find better ways of handling stress than comfort eating and ways to get motivated out of procrastination about exercise.

Someone who can say NO to that second piece of cake!

 In Career And Business Goals

Say you set a career or business goal to make $1 million in five years. That’s the outcome – the HAVE.

To get there, you and/or and the people in your organization have to BE skilled, informed and confident enough to behave in a certain way and to implement what needs to be done to achieve that.

In other words to BE the WHO, that can DO what it takes to reach the HAVE (the goal).

Your Goal As A Life Coach

And finally let’s repeat the example around the context of your goal of becoming a fabulous Life Coach with some links to more information to help you work with goals.

And finally let’s repeat the example around the context of becoming a Life Coach with some links to more information to help you work with goals.

Say you've set a goal to HAVE a successful coaching practice (whatever that may look like to you). Or to develop a really important and profitable Coaching Niche.

To achieve that, you will have to DO certain things, take certain steps, such as Choosing The Right Life Coach Training Course and learning the skills of both Social and Local Networking.

And if administration is not one of your strong points, you will need to BE someone who is willing to outsource.

The bottom line is that to BE someone WHO is a successful coach you need to really enjoy coaching and have certain qualities - or be willing to develop or outsource the qualities you don’t have.

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