Life Coaching Questions For New Clients

What Questions To Ask Your New Client
To Get Your Coaching Off To A Flying Start

For both personal or business coaching clients, these 18 coaching questions will give you (and them) valuable insight and a powerful beginning to the coaching journey.

18 Life Coaching Questions For New Clients

Of course you don’t have to stick to these questions but they will give you a  great starting point in getting to know what makes your new client tick.

And you can learn how to present and frame them up to the client, so they understand these are quality coaching questions and why you are asking.  

You may also find Coaching Questions: A Coach's Guide to Powerful Asking Skills a really useful addition to your coaching questions toolkit.

1. Energy and passion: Where do you get your energy – what motivates and turns you on? What are your passionate about?

2. Emotion: What moves you to tears of joy/sorrow?

3. Pleasure: How do you like to enjoy yourself? What do you enjoy doing?

4. Stress release: What do you find works for you to release stress?

5. Responsibility: Where are you likely to be most irresponsible?

6. Control: What emotion (anger, fear, anxiety, etc) makes you feel most out of control?

7. Sabotage: How might you sabotage your coaching progress and our professional relationship?

8. Results: How will you know how effective our coaching has been? (When you get to the end of the coaching series with the client you'll find my Coaching Evaluation Questionnaire helpful in quantifying this.

9. Coaching preference: How can I best coach you? For instance, do you like lots of structure or things done informally or a mix of both?

10. Learning style: Do you find you learn best predominantly by listening, seeing or doing,  or an equal combination of all three?

11. Goals: Do you understand that I support YOU, not just your goals?

12. Values: What are your values – the things in life that are really important to you? If you are not sure of this we will find out as part of the coaching process.

13. Business/career opportunities: What business/career opportunities you are currently not making the most/anything of?

14. Personal Aspirations: What are three personal desires you are currently not pursuing?

15. Poor relationships: Is there anyone in your life who is constantly putting you down, making you feel inadequate or whom you feel you have to tread carefully around?

16. Challenges: What is the biggest challenge you have in your life right now?

17. Priority: What is your most urgent problem?

18. Control: What emotion makes you feel most out of control?

Using These Introductory Life Coaching Questions

You can add any changes you need to, to make these coaching interview questions apply to your particular specialty or niche.

I suggest you send this to the client as a Word (or similar) document and ask them to save the document and type in their answers under each question. Then email it  back to you preferably before their first official session.

Here's what you could say to your new client when asking them to complete the questions: (I write it as an introduction to the questions)

"I'd like you to reflect on the following coaching questions about yourself.  They will really help our coaching to get off to a powerful start.

Answer the best you can. Even if you find some of these thought-provoking questions challenging, try and answer them anyway.

The answers will allow me to get to quickly know you better and enable me to coach you more powerfully. The answers may also give you some insights.

There are no rights or wrongs. Your answers to can be as long or short as you like. The purpose is to give us an overview of where you are at in your life/business/profession and to get you thinking."

You can send out the Coaching Interview Questions with your “welcome as a client” email or letter.

When you get the answers, highlight anything that you feel needs discussing as part of the first session or requiring more depth as the coaching proceeds.

Now if you have a burning question you would like to add to the list, please do contribute to Facebook below.

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