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Ten Life Coaching Evaluation Questions To Ask Clients

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Asking your clients these coaching evaluation questions is a way to get feedback about your coaching and a fabulous tool to help get authentic testimonials. 

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The benefit of asking life coaching feedback questions

Asking the right questions at the end of a coaching series or program helps the client anchor the benefits of coaching with you. They also give you valuable feedback on how effective your coaching has been and where improvements might be made. 

Green, Amber and Red button faces,like the colours of traffic lights, on a light blue background. Green has a ticked checkbox and is smiling. Amber is non committal and red has a downward frown.

You should aim to ask open-ended questions. That is questions that require more than just a "yes" or "no" answer but get the client to think, reflect and share.

For instance a question like:

"What new strengths can you see you have developed from the coaching experience?" can  help your client to realise and acknowledge changes and achievements they may not even have recognised and acknowledged to themselves. 

This is just one of the 10 questions  I have suggested below .

You can either ask the questions as part of the completion process in the final session or send them to the client to complete as a life coaching evaluation form.

Personally I recommend the former as it is more personal and flexible and done, so you are not waiting anxiously for a reply from a client who has moved on and may not see it as a priority to get back to you.

Ten Revealing Coaching Evaluation Questions For Clients

You can, of course, whether asking the questions personally or in writing, put them in your own words and adapt them to suit your particular style or make more relevant for your coaching specialty. 

  1. As you went through the coaching journey, how did it change things for you?
  2. What did you hope to get from coaching with me? 
  3. Were your expectations met?
  4. Are there new strengths can you see you have developed from the coaching experience?
  5. Did you surprise yourself through the coaching series and if so how?
  6. What was the thing you benefited from and/or enjoyed the most?
  7. What do you see as the major insights or breakthroughs you made through coaching?
  8. What will you now do differently to how you operated before the coaching experience?
  9. Would you have liked me to have done anything different when coaching you? 
  10. If you are willing to endorse and recommend my coaching, but are stuck on how to write a testimonial, would you like me to help you with this?

    (Check out the related page at the bottom of this page for some great tips on getting testimonials)

I hope you have found these questions useful and would love to know how you go with them with your clients through my contact form.

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