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How To Set Your Life Coaching Fees Easily

Available in PDF and Kindle. Introductory offer $5.99

No matter where you are in your coaching career, working out what to charge is quite a challenge and depends on many - often unseen factors. I address these all in my eBook "How to Set Your Life Coaching Fees" and this page provides a sneak preview of what you will get when you buy.

Own a unique eBook that guides you through all the Do's and Don'ts

In this down to earth and practical guide will learn all the things to take into account when setting fees and getting paid whether for individual, group or team coaching.

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What coaches are saying

I really appreciated the insights and wisdom Wendy has shared in this book. There are some considerations that have really helped me, as a new coach. It is easily digestible and inspiring. Thank you, Wendy, for this guide

Rae MacDonald, Waikato New Zealand

 Working Out How Much To Charge For Life Coaching

One of the most common questions you are going to be asked by prospective clients is "What does your coaching cost?

Many new coaches have trouble answering this confidently and congruently because they are not sure how much to charge. Not having a true sense of your value will cost you clients and money so this ebook is designed to remove all the doubt.

Yo have probably heard it all before: Working out your fees will depend on a combination of:

  • the other skills you bring to coaching
  • how you market yourself
  • the niche and/or demographic you work within.

However, in "How To Set Your Coaching Fees" I discuss and give guidance on seven of the most important things you need to take into account. 

Discover them all here and factor them into your own fee scale.

What coaches are saying

can confidently say that this is an invaluable resource for both new and experienced life-coaches. Wendy's expertise shines through every page as she authentically and affirmatively shares her own experiences, providing practical insights and encouraging guidance. Her approach demystifies the often daunting process of determining coaching fees, offering a clear and actionable roadmap. Her stories and examples are relatable, making it easy to understand the key foundational aspects of pricing your services. Tammy Thorensen, South Carolina

Do's and Don'ts When Setting Your Coaching Fees

Another special inclusion is the common traps that new coaches can fall into or may overlook. Listed as my Do's and Don'ts, I discuss them in detail and here are just some sample inclusions. Which do you think could be the Do's and which the Don'ts!?

  • Fee comparisons
  • Past experiences
  • Value your offer, whatever the fee.
  • Premature discounting

With "How to Set Your Coaching Fees", I share my own experiences of falling into money traps, how I learned from the experiences and what I decided to do about it. It completely changed the way I valued my coaching 

Other subjects in How To Set Your Life Coaching Fees Easily

Group Coaching Rates

Knowing what to charge for group coaching is often a dilemma as it can depend on your niche and demographic. For example, you will be able to charge more for business or commercial groups than groups from a community or from a low income demographic.

In "How to Set Your Life Coaching Fees", I show you a couple of formulae to calculate what to charge for group or team coaching so you not only leverage your time but get the best income you can for your group coaching ventures in several scenarios.

 Rates For Coaching Packages

There is a significant advantage to offering coaching packages rather than charging as you go, session by session, hour or month. Multiple package options you can make your coaching affordable to a wider range of needs and budgets.

Consequently, the client is committed to work with you for an agreed time period to achieve their outcomes. Apart from making sure you have their money, the commitment adds to their level of engagement.

In the book, I discuss how different program variations can work and how to encourage clients to choose the one that is your preferred way to work whilst still giving them options for what will work for them. 

Raising Your Life Coaching Fees

Let's assume you have really begun to grow in confidence as a life coach. 

You have identified your coaching niche or ideal client demographic, your coaching calendar is full and you know from the feedback you are delivering quality results.

It could be time to increase your fees and capitalise on your experience and popularity.

I list six ways to help you decide if the fee you are now charging is still appropriate or it is time for a raise.

Fees For Different Countries And Avoiding Hidden Fees

A globe showing how all countries are connected

If you only have clients in your own country, then how you get paid is pretty simple.  There may be fees involved for direct debit, checks and online services such as Paypal, but they are  transparent and easy to follow.

However, when it comes to getting paid by international clients, whether for your coaching or products, it’s a different matter and needs much more attention to detail if you are to get the best deal.

In the book I go into lots of detail on the options for getting paid internationally and avoiding the hidden fees that can significantly reduce your income. It can REALLY add up!

What coaches are saying

I found the content clear, concise and helpful, especially the part on the "hidden costs" of using an online payment system.
Penny Snyders, Cape Town

Is Publishing Your Coaching Rates A Good Idea?

A dilemma coaches often face is whether or not to publish their life and business coaching fees.

I help you take a hard and honest look at the pros and cons of both options so you can make an educated decision.  And, of course, it's also something you may have to experiment with. 

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