How To Become a Guest Speaker As A Life Coach

On this page you'll find a preview and some of the content of my eBook How To Use Speaking to Promote Your Coaching. This useful and comprehensive guide will take  you through the steps and techniques of becoming a good presenter or guest speaker, in person and online, including how to manage your presentation space. 

"I thoroughly enjoyed this book! It makes the case immediately for why you may want to use speaking to promote your coaching, which keeps you reading. The book is well structured, with clear, direct language, and covers all the bases of how to use speaking to promote your coaching. It's bursting with so many good tips in such a small space: I took lots of notes and will be rereading it again soon. I feel much more prepared to use this strategy to promote my coaching after reading this book."
Misty The Life Coach, Atlanta, USA

Why Becoming A Guest Speaker Makes Good Sense

Becoming a confident presenter and/or guest speaker, in person or online, can transform the way you are perceived as a coach. Almost from the moment you step onto the physical or online platform, those in the audience will have a more respectful and confident sense of your expertise.

Cover of How to Use Speaking to Promote Your Coaching by Wendy Buckingham

When I first began to coach, I found that being a guest speaker at local business and community networking events added significantly to my credibility. It helped me gain many quality coaching clients with a wide range of personal and business coaching needs.

I was obviously nervous standing up to talk to begin with and afraid I'd get it wrong. But each of the events I spoke at built on my presenting skills. I soon became a confident speaker and online webinar presenter. 

I wrote How to Use Speaking to Promote Your Coaching to pass on the benefit of my experience and support you to create an effective, engaging, motivational and trouble-free presentation, both in person and online.

For the price of a coffee and a cake it's crammed full of useful information such as:

  • How to get started as a speaker
  • Tips for an engaging (never boring) presentation
  • How to have a trouble free event and avoid nasty surprises
  • Secrets of successful online presentations

Read on for a taster of whats in the book

What How To Use Speaking To Promote Your Coaching Will Give You

Following is a summary of the help you will get from my book to become a great presenter and motivational guest speaker.

How to get started as a guest speaker

There are numerous opportunities to speak about your coaching speciality or niche. So for starters, here is part of the first chapter of the book where I discuss some ways to go about finding those who are looking for guest speakers and letting them know about you. 

Group of people networking

Networking functions, community groups, in-house business "lunch time" events and conferences and seminars all are on the look out for coaching presentations either in person or online. And for online guest speaking, podcast producers are always looking for new guests. Podmatch is a popular service for speakers looking for guests and visa versa.

They may not always be looking for content related to your specific niche or speciality but there is no harm in seeing how you can tailor your talk to relate to the particular audience.

Let the world know:
Don't forget to promote the fact that you are a speaker, with an outline of the presentations you give. Use your social media profiles, your website and even your business card. And, if possible, include any testimonials you have from clients that might be relevant to giving a presentations.

Be willing to present for free:
When you first start out, your presentations will inevitably be free. The payoff for you will be the opportunity to creatively showcase your coaching niche and attract clients.

Practice wherever you can:
Practice on any audience that will have you, however small! You may not get clients and you almost certainly won't get paid but these occasions are a great opportunity to hone your speaking skills and have "learning experiences" that don't matter too much and help you grow.

10 ingredients for speaker success 

You want your presentation as a guest speaker to be engaging and informative so these 10 vital ingredients include lots on:

  • Overcoming public speaking anxiety - it takes practice but you can do it! 
  • Avoiding "death by powerpoint"
  • The magic of mingling
  • Creating a value added handout to be remembered by
  • Ways to get a list of attendees so you can post event promote yourself

Plus another five valuable hints for new speakers.

6 essentials for a smooth and surprise free event.

Ask any speaker how their presentation went and, in many cases the “glitches” were not caused by their content or delivery, but by peripheral things that went wrong and could have been avoided.  Often these glitches are invisible until they occur.

In the How to Use Speaking to Promote Your Coaching I give you a good chunk of low down on:

  • Creating your own master checklist
  • The importance of checking attendance numbers  
  • Important checks in the room set up and equipment 
  • Why having a helper can save the day - parking, products, etc etc. 
  • Avoiding mealtime distractions from your message 

Mastering online presentations and avoiding the traps

Speaking to promote your life coaching business is not confined to face to face presentations. Video, Zoom and Skype have opened up a world of opportunity to expand your reach.

Remember, a physical audience won’t usually be rude enough to walk out if they are bored or you are not giving them what they expect. However, all an online audience member has to do is click and you won’t even know you have lost them.

So there are some online distinctions and techniques you will need to master.

You can learn seven important ways to make sure they stay engaged with you till the end and don’t click away after few minutes including:

  •  Distinctions on the online introduction
  •  Keeping them interested to listen to the end
  •  Different ways to get details of who is attending 
  •  Looking good online (avoiding the traps)

And finally, get a sneak preview of this tip on the magic of mingling by clicking on the image. 

I know from personal experience that if you master delivering an inspiring, engaging guest speaker presentation, you will soon be recognised and in demand as an articulate expert. You may even be in demand as a paid presenter for all sorts of occasions. 

For the price of a coffee and a cake invest in How to Use Speaking to Promote Your Coaching and you will be well on your way to mastering this proven way of attracting new clients.

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100% Satisfaction or Your Money Back

I am sure you will get real value from this book. However, if within 30 days of purchase you are not 100% completely satisfied, you will receive. 100% refund.

More help for growing your skills and promoting yourself?

I have written three other informative books (again from my own experience) that will help you to authentically attract new quality clients, increase your coaching skills and promote your coaching services.

More about this Book

More about this Book

More about this Book

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