Mastering the Art of Goals Coaching

Coach your clients to achieve their goals with ease and certainty

Mastering the Art of Goals Coching is a step-by-step path that will be your guidebook to powers your clients forward to goal achievement with confidence. Here is a "taster" of the content.

Why I wrote Mastering the Art of Goals Coaching

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Coaching is all about goals and outcomes. Guiding your clients to go from where they are now to where they want to be. 

But however excited your new client may be about moving forward, sometimes there are challenges in helping  them to choose their goals and defining the best a path to reach them. There may also be unexpressed issues, such as past failures that they are still holding on to or even goals they have achieved but not acknowledged.

Unfortunately these issues can often be hidden and rarely expressed.  So they act as invisible traps that trip your client in creating a new future.

The good news is that with my extensive experiences as a coach, helping clients achieve their goals, I have had a unique opportunity to study and research the factors that are vital for successful goals coaching. This prompted me to refine these principles into a proven goal planning system in my book Mastering the Art of Goals Coaching to share with other coaches.

Coaching is an art, not a science. And Wendy’s new book helps you master the many-layered art of coaching clients around their goals!

She covers all the bases including what makes a SMART Goal, how to stay motivated, avoiding “should” goals, reasons why clients get stuck and what to do about it—and much, much more. There are lots of great tips, tools and ideas to try out, plus Wendy shares plenty of helpful examples throughout. This is a great resource for coaches and anyone working with people on their goals!
Emma-Louise Elsey, The Coaching Tools Company 

Start coaching your clients with a fresh new approach to goals

In Mastering The Art Of Goals Coaching, you'll discover how to help your clients:

  • Stop past failed goals and unacknowledged achieved goals from holding them back
  • Choose and set strong and powerful goals
  • Design a personal success strategy to help achieve the goal
  • Understand the success secrets of team and partner goals
  • Understand purpose, vision and balance as they relate to their goals
  • Prioritise, plan and get into effective action
  • Get inspired and stay motivated, even on hard days
  • Unstick stuck goals and get back on track

Wendy Buckingham has great coaching knowledge, she is wise, articulate and this book perfectly exemplifies her ability to  guide the coach through the process of goal setting and achieving. She covers everything coaches need to know and instils confidence on every page. Whether you are a new coach or a seasoned coach wanting to brush up on your skill set, there is something for everyone in this book.
Claire Hall, Authentic Empowerment Life Coaching.

Wendy is a truly professional coach, mentor and author. I’ve used her information on goal planning and achievement for many years and found it a really valuable reference in my own coaching journey. I can highly recommend Wendy’s new book Mastering the Art of Goals Coaching as a great resource for all coaches.
Barbara Anderson, MCC (ICF) Shire Coaching and Training.

Here's a taster of what's in Mastering The Art Of Goals Coaching.

 1. How to take the "fail" out of failed goals and celebrate unacknowledged goals. 

A boy ready to swim standing by an empty swimming pool demonstrating the frustration of an unachievable goal.

The experience of a failed goal, and even an achieved goal that hasn't been recognised, can lead to cynicism about goals and a sense of failure and frustration. 

In Chapter 3 of Mastering the Art of Goals Coaching (acknowledged by readers as one of the most important chapters in the book)  I show you how to coach to turn around any negative energy around past failed goals into positives and completed experiences. 

“This is a solution focused book on goals coaching. I loved Wendy's emphasises on the importance of the clean-up strategy in Chapter 3 "Taking the fail out of failed goals". 

As a busy person, I appreciated this laser read, which was easy to navigate, with a colourful layout, inspirational quotes, case studies and a conversational tone throughout. Wendy’s book is a vibrant must read for life coaches”. Dawn Campbell, AFC, Business Director, IAPC&M (International Authority for Professional Coaches and Mentors.

2. Why Goals should be SMART! 

This classic and proven way of validating a goal for power and authenticity is often overlooked yet is so important. SMART goals are goals that are strong, specific, realistic, achievable and with a time frame. My version is SMARTEY goals - guess what the E and Y  stand for.  

When you read my explanations in Chapter 4 - What's So Smart About Smart Goals, you'll really appreciate how this goal setting model can so vital for the successful outcome of the goal.

"Wendy's points on forgiving past mistakes, SMARTEY goals, synergy, and facing saboteurs in meeting goals spoke to me deeply. I will be consulting this book as my blue-print for goal-setting. Thank you Wendy for this powerful little book".
Amazon purchaser of Wendy's books

"Mastering the Art of Goals Coaching" is a complete and unique goal setting guide with real life examples and case studies.

You can buy it now and discover some of the key secrets that will make your clients goal achieving experience easy, fun and successful. 

100% Satisfaction or Your Money Back

I am sure you will get real value from Mastering the Art of Goals Coaching.  However, if within 30 days of purchase you are not 100% completely satisfied, you will receive. 100% refund, no questions asked.

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