Where To Find Life Coaching Jobs And Opportunities

Finding Life Coaching Jobs and Opportunities is now your priority now that training is complete. Here's help in deciding how you are going to earn your living as a life coach.

As with everything in life coaching, there's lots to consider.   So let's look at  the best ways to go about the opportunities and job  possibilities you can consider. Jump to any of the sections below that most interest you...

Starting Your Own Life Coaching Business?

Here's a little video to get you started on  knowing what jobs and opportunities are out there.  When you've watched it use the links above to learn more.


If you like independence, choosing your own hours and clients, then operating as an independent coach in your own practice can work for you. 

The downside is that, if it is to be your primary source of income, it can take a while to get know and get sufficient clients to support your lifestyle.

Also if you don't have a lot of money to spare and security is something you value, it is  wise not to just "jump ship" from your paying job. 

 Safer to gradually start coaching clients, maybe in your spare time,  until you have built up a sustainable practice.

Whichever path you choose, you'll find these easy and affordable  marketing ideas really useful.

Also some ideas for setting up your home office. so it is a pleasant and efficient space to coach from.

Finding Paid Life Coach Employment

If you are looking to be employed as a coach with a large company,  in a corporate coaching job, you are far more likely to be asked about your coach training and your Certification because the HR department may need a measure of your professional credibility to justify employing you.

Even if you haven't yet been credentialed by an independent coaching association, its' useful to take out membership. This shows the people offering internal coaching jobs you are a serious coaching professional.  See the benefits of joining a Life Coaching Association with a list of some of the ones you can join with a brief description of what they offer their members.

Where To Find Those Jobs For Life Coaches

You may already have an idea about where you want to look for life coaching jobs and opportunities. If not, there are numerous possibilities depending on what other skills you bring to life coaching.   Here is a  list of broad coaching areas for you to consider and within each of these, you will discover there are several specialist niche options. 

Matching  Life Coaching With Your Background

Your career or personal background could have an important impact in  being considered for a position.

For instance, if you have a background as a nurse, then you will have a head start over other coaches if you apply for a position in the health industries. Same if you have managerial experience in the corporate world and apply to coach managers.

A colleague of mine recently secured a contract with a large Telco. Her 30 years experience working for that Telco before she became a coach put her way ahead of competing coaches and secured her the life coaching job.

So where appropriate, be sure to emphasise in your CV who you have worked with, the different cultures you have experienced and what you have done and achieved (even outside a business environment) that might give you an edge in life coaching job openings.

Helping The Life Coaching Jobs Find You

Often employers will search social media sites like LinkedIn or Seek for suitable people to invite to apply for a position.  So it's important to set up  profile on these platforms.  

Include in your profile or online CV  who you have worked with, the different cultures you have experienced and what you have done and achieved (even outside a business environment such as hobbies).  Make your profile person and engaging yet still professional.

This information might just give you a head start in getting the job or contract.

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