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Successfully Applying For Life Coaching Jobs And Opportunities

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Learn about successfully applying for company paid Life Coaching JobsYou'll find information and tips that will give you the edge when applying for contract work, in-house employment or using coaching service providers.

FYI: I may receive commissions at no cost to you. Please see my affiliate disclosure for more.

Where to Find Those Life Coaching Jobs And Opportunities

There are dozens of job finder websites online. It's matter finding a life coaching job that suits your skills and experience and getting your application right.

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Obviously the prospective employer will want to know about you. But before you apply, you also need to make sure you know something about them and the company.

This is so that in both your CV and any interview, you can show you have taken the trouble to make yourself familiar with their culture, environment and the skillsets they require. 

You also  need to set your targets for getting your life coaching job realistically.

For example, if you have only just completed an online course with no recognised certification and you have little business experience, you will have little chance of winning a position of executive coach in a large company!

Conversely if you have experience in a management in a corporate environment or in a professional field, and know the issues and culture of the company you are applying to, your chances of finding employment are pretty good.

Some Coaching Niches Where You May Find Employment

You may already have an idea about the type of business and industry you want to work with as a coach. If not, there are numerous possibilities depending on the skills and experience you can bring to the business division you would be working within.

Here are three of the broad coaching areas for you to consider. Within each of these, you will discover there are several specialist niche options that could work as your specialty

  • Career planning  with recruitment agencies
  • Team Building within companies
  • Personal coaching issues such as communication, staff relationships, productivity etc.

Useful sources to help you find your life coaching job

Some of the big search engines will provide a wide range of job opportunities to explore. Google or one of the other engines will display work in your area. Sites such as, and are just a few of the big name job search sites that you check out.

There are also other recruiters such as Manpower and Robert Half that are international that may list coaching job opportunities

However, if you do a search simply for life coaching jobs, or executive coaching jobs you may find the search engines turn up few specific opportunities so you have to research a little deeper. 

To find coaching jobs, be prepared to do good old face to face networking or maybe joining an independent life coaching associations that has a members referral site such as the International Coach Federation. 

Also joining social media coaching-related groups or groups in your niche or field of expertise, such as in LinkedIn and FaceBook can be beneficial. All these networking paths can help you establish a profile and build the relationships that can lead to the best jobs.

Another creative idea is to research the big name companies or government organisations in your region and then make some enquiries as to whether they employ coaches - or even put in a proposal.  

Make Your Resume Stand Out From The Crowd

In your CV, whether in print or online, be sure to emphasise not only your work history but the different work or ethnic cultures you have experienced and what you have done and achieved in those jobs.  Also, if appropriate, include briefly activities outside a business environment, such as hobbies. Aime to make your profile personable and engaging, yet still professional.

Often employers will search sites like LinkedIn for suitable people to invite to apply for a position.  So it's as I've already indicated, it's important to set up a profile on these platforms that showcases your background, qualifications and skills. If preparing a resume freaks you out, there are people who will help you prepare one that is engaging and professional. 

Include Your Background As Well As Your Coaching Credentials

As well as your coaching details and qualifications, employment background can have an impact on whether you are considered for a position. 

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For instance, if you have a background as a nurse, then you will have a head start over other coaches when applying for work with a company health industries. It's the same if you have managerial experience in the corporate world and apply for a job to coach managers.

As an example, a fellow coach secured a contract with a large Telco over lots of competition. Her 30 years experience as a Telco employee before she became a coach put her way ahead of competing coaches and secured her the contract.

Whether you have a relevant career background or not, your ability to articulate how you can help people, will make a considerable difference to your chances of success. So, if you are having trouble getting the words right to get your message across, please do visit Marketing From Within. 

My colleague Cindy Schulson specialises in helping coaches and consultants identifying their niche and creating an effective message.  She has loads of free, templates, including one on defining your brand, and coaching services available on the website.

Don't let your social media activities sabotage your coaching  job opportunities?

You can prepare all you like, and have a whiz-bang resume,  but if your social media profile and activities don't match with your resume you could lose out.

So check how you come across to a prospective employer on social media? Is your personal page full of posts you would be happy to be read by a future employer?

Employers are increasingly looking at job applicants social media activity to see if what they say about themselves in the CV and on social media match.  I have heard sad stories about people about to get the job until the employer had a look at what was on their Facebook page.

So - clean up your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Delete posts and comments that might not show you in a good light. If it is appropriate, share things about the work you love doing or your hobbies. Employers are not going to be keen if the 'you' that you present to your friends is unacceptable to their workplace culture.  

Also do keep your personal and business related social media profiles, such as LinkedIn, current and relevant.  Regularly update with quality information about your goals, achievements and the kind of work you do.

 Certification For Corporate Workplace Coaching

If you want to be employed in a corporate coaching job with a large company, you are far more likely to be asked about your coach training and what credentials or certifications you hold. The HR department may need a measure of your professional credibility to justify employing you.

Even if you haven't yet been credentialed by an independent coaching association, it's useful to take out membership. This demonstrates to the people offering internal coaching jobs that you are a serious coaching professional.

I cover more about this subject on my page about the benefits of joining an independent Life Coaching Association. It includes a list of some of the associations you can join with a brief description of what they offer their members.  Some associations include a referral service  which can lead companies looking for a coach to your profile.

Online Life Coaching Jobs

These days online coaching or, as it is sometimes called, remote coaching, is becoming as common as face to face coaching.  And, with the use of platforms such as Zoom or Skype, the ability is there to be almost physically with the client, yet still online .  

Many employees of coaches will be quite happy for you to not be physically available to clients, so long as you can present yourself and your credentials as a coach in a way that shows you know your stuff and are able to do justice to remote life coaching jobs.

Using Coaching Providers  To Help You Find Work

For coaches of all specialties who have a challenge marketing themselves, getting on the books of a company that employs or contracts coaches and/or provides coaching services can be a good solution.

The clients of companies that hire life coaches may be businesses who want to get some coaching for their employees but do not have an internal resource to do this. 

Alternatively, some well established  life and business coaches leverage their coaching services by having other coaches on their website as part of their team.  

Find out more about the advantages of getting life coach and executive coach employment  through these   Provider of coaching services 

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