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Using Coaching Providers To Find Coaching Work

Here's how coaches find work through coaching providers that employ or contract out, or recommend  life and executive coaches. And how to make sure you are getting a good deal and avoiding the traps.

How  Coaching  Providers Find You Jobs

For those coaches (and there are many of us)  who have a challenge marketing themselves, one solution is to take advantage of someone else's marketing expertise and  get on the books of a life or executive coaching service that promotes and/or provides executive, business and life coaches to individuals and companies.  

The clients of companies who use these services are usually those medium to large businesses who choose to outsource their coaching needs rather than use internal coaches. 

And, on a smaller scale, some entrepreneurial individual coaches leverage their coaching by creating a website that promotes other coaches under their brand - either for free or a fee or commission.

There are some great coaching providers and some - not so good - so be sure to check out any you are thinking of joining using the tips on this page.

These coaching providers are quite different from the numerous directories you can your profile on in that they actively either provide jobs or pass leads on to you.

And if you want to expand your executive and corporate coaching skills from a life coaching perspective, I'd highly recommend investing in The CoachU Personal and Corporate Coach Training Handbook. I trained with Coach U and I've had this big book on my shelf for years. It's  a bit pricey but  so packed full of really valuable information and processes to use with your clients it's really worth the investment wherever you got your training.. 

3 Ways Coaching  Providers Find You Work

1. They employ you as a coach

A company offering executive coaching to business will sometimes actually employ a team of appropriately qualified coaches either on contract or salary. 

These companies will usually require their coaches to have credible coaching credentials, and indemnity insurance. They may also, but not always by any means, want you to work exclusively with them.   

The good news is that with the right well-established company, the chances of a good flow of executive coaching jobs is usually pretty good.

2. They promote you and collect the fee

The organization promotes life or business coaching and its stable of associated coaches on its website.  Some of these may have their niche as executive life coaches. The prospective client visiting the website chooses a preferred coach from that list of associates.

You as the coach are then given the details to follow up with the prospect to check if you are a good match and close the deal.

The organization invoices and collects the fees and pays a percentage to you, for your services. These can vary from 50/50 to 80/20 in the coaches favour and sometimes you may be able to negotiate when you have proved yourself.

3. They promote you as a life or executive coach, but you collect the fee:

When you join this type of coaching organisation, you are able to put your coaching profile on their website, which promotes coaching in a general way and lists the member coaches.

Your profile will link directly to your contact details where the prospect can choose to contact you further about the executive coaching jobs they may have available. 

There may or may not be a fee to join as a member and/or you may be asked to pay a commission on any clients you get.

I say "asked" because I have been on such list as a graduate from one of my coaching schools  (Results Coaching Systems) where it was really an honour system as to whether I let them know I had signed up a client through their website and paid the commission (which I did of course!).

Where to find coaching providers

Unfortunately, it's not that easy and you will need to do a bit of your own research on Google or asking around. For both life and executive coaching look for coaching companies who advertise having a team of coaches - a clue can be "meet our team" in the navigator bar.  

You can then look at the services offered and see who is on their team and decide if you might be a good fit to approach them

If your interest is in coaching small business owners, whether in your own coaching practice or through a coaching provider, take a look at the Small Business Coaching Kit which has 31 helpful tools and templates you can brand for your coaching . It was created by my colleague and coach Emma Louise of the Coaching Tools Company. 

As well as templates for business coaching  The Coaching Tools Company has templates and forms for everything from a time saving Welcome Pack to helpful aids for Life, Career and Time Management.

6 Things To Find Out Before You Sign With A Coaching Provider

1.  Do You Have to follow the coaching providers format?

If you coach under the banner of a life or executive coaching service you may be required to use THEIR  coaching system and format rather than your own.

However, it is usually possible to do your own stuff within these formats and, if you are getting good results, chances are you won’t be questioned.

2. Beware promises, promises of coaching jobs!

Being listed on a coaching providers website as an associate can be a great way to get yourself known and out there.

However, the actual value is only as good as the promotion the organisation does on your behalf and the number of prospective clients they attract to their website offering coaching services. 

 So do a search on the web for the type of coaching being offered (life, business, executive). 

When you do a Google search, does the site come up on the first couple of pages and are they advertising. 

Don’t just search for the organisation by name as, of course, it will come up on page 1!

3.  Are the prospects qualified as being good leads? 

Some life coaching sites that have a team of coaches have an invitation to "click for a free introductory session". The host organisation will pass this onto you unchecked and you are obliged to follow up.  

I've found a lot of people who are not good solid prospects and just want to see what they can get for free will take advantage of this.  So unless you are prepared to give your time to all comers, make sure that the invitation on the site also includes some way of qualifying people as acceptably serious prospects for life coaching.

Of course you could qualify them yourself by sending out a pre-session questionnaire such as the one you will find in the Coachability Test on this page before you agree to speak to them.

4. Does their website attract your preferred client niche or demographic?

If you can contact some of the coaches listed on the site to see how many good leads or actual life or executive coaching jobs they are getting and whether the type of clients the coaching provider's publicity attracts are what you want.. 

5.  How much work will you get from this coaching service?

Where the organisation is taking you on as an associate and will be paying you an hourly or daily rate to coach their clients, ask "How much work can I expect to get a week/month".

Again try to talk to one of the coaches they employ or list to find out how good the flow of work is.  Of course you may  have to start small and get more as the organisation becomes more confident of your coaching ability.

6. How much Self-Promotion Will  You Be Expected To Do

Some of the companies you will come across  only provide you with a system, support and a few leads, but you still end up being expected to do most of the promotion yourself and generate your own clients.

So do check out this before you sign up. Their system may be great but if you still have to get out there and promote yourself if sort of defeats the object of leveraging your marketing.

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