Creating Life Coaching Websites That "Work"

Many Life Coaching Websites don’t really "work" to support you to attract clients.
Learn how to make sure your website  site does do its job of attracting clients.

If you want to use your life coaching website as a productive marketing and business building tool you need to make sure it is easily found and engages the visitor to stay, explore and feel confident in engaging you as a coach. 

Search Engine Optimisation

There are some gorgeous looking life coaching websites. Many of them have one big failing – nobody finds them so they get very few visitors let alone attract clients!

This is because not enough attention has been paid to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO); i.e. making the content visitor focussed and search engine friendly

When content is written with this focus, Search Engines such as Google have a better chance of understanding what your on-page content and the site are all about.  This means that if someone is searching for a particular thing (for example a type of life coaching) and you have an excellent page about it and theSearch Engines know about it, you have a better chance of being found.

This is called getting found by organic search, compared with paying for advertising.  

Once established, you are easily found because your content is high quality and relevant to the persona searching.  

Ideally, your website pops up on the first page.  The higher the better. When was the last time you did a search and got as far as looking at page two of the search results!?

8 Tips to achieve a "working" website

1.  Life Coaching Websites should be responsive and mobile ready

Chances are that you use a mobile phone or a tablet or iPad. So does a rapidly growing proportion of the search market and so your site needs to be mobile ready.  This means that it displays properly for a visitor using a mobile and they don't struggle to find their way around your pages.

If you already have a site, you can use this mobile-friendly tester from Google to see if you are mobile friendly but remember that, even though it may be technically OK, life coaching websites also need to be easy to navigate.  Not being able to easily find what they are looking for is a sure-fire way to lose visitors and potential clients.

2.   Be a real person - not just another life coach

I’m amazed that some life and business coaching coaching websites talk about coaching and how wonderful it is but there is no “About Me” page to back up the information and make it personal and credible.

  • Potential clients want to know who you are apart from your coaching qualifications. It is important for life coaching websites to have some friendly and engaging information about the coach that gives identity and personality so they want to know more.

    Some of this should also be on your home page so prospects feel they are getting to know you straight away.

3 . Make sure all your links  work

Technology can sometimes break! If a link on a site I am visiting doesn’t work and I’m in a good mood I take the time to email the owner of the site “link not working” but, if I’m in a hurry or not feeling generous, that’s it – I’m off to the next site!

  • Regularly check that all your links to other pages and downloads are working. And that goes for links in emails and newsletters too. Depending on the service you use there are automatic programs that will check for you and notify you of a broken link.

4.  Remember video  and pop up box etiquette

I am really put off by videos that start to play the minute I land on a page. Pop-ups that invite me to buy or subscribe before I've even had time to draw breath, are just as bad.     

  • Google will penalise a site that has a pop-up on mobile displays that prevent visitors from reading text.  So if you have one, find out about removing it or placing it so it doesn't interfere with the normal reading process.  Do remember though, that there are many factors in a ranking  so if you have an amazing site that meets all other organic search criteria, having a pop-up may only have a small effect - and only on your mobile ranking.

5. Make your "live chat" chat friendly.

I’ve had the experience of automated chat rooms that are programmed to only answer a range of standard questions. And, of course, I don’t have a standard question! The resulting innocuous answers that don’t actually address my specific questions can be most annoying.

  • If you decide to have a live chat room where you answer life coaching questions and enquiries, make sure it really is live and check it regularly. And if it is set up to send back answers to the most frequently asked questions, also provide a special message box for client and potential clients to send you questions where they can’t find a relevant answer.

6.  Have a user-friendly  “contact us” page

Sometimes, I just need to pick up the phone, or shoot off a quick email to ask a question or follow up on something. I don’t want to be “captured” for a mailing list or have to give a whole lot of detail and a written message and then wait for a reply.

  • Make it easy for your visitors to find and contact you. This can be set-up through your website, so you don’t have to reveal your personal email address. Coaching is about real relationships and personal contact. 

7.  Don't be evasive about price on your life coaching products sales page

Your marketing guru has most likely told you that when you are selling something, even coaching or coach related products such as a webinar, you have to tell me  ALL about it and convince me of ALL the reasons I should have it before you get to answering my important questions of “how much?” Very frustrating. 

I recently ploughed through two long pages of information on a webinar and even when I pressed the Buy Now button hoping that would give me the cost I was asked for my name and phone number before this information would be released.  Did I go ahead? You bet not!

  • I’d suggest you start off with a summary of the major benefits, including  a link to the "buy" button which will lead to the cost information.  Then go to give more detailed information for those who need it, with regular “buy now” buttons along the way.

8. Unsubscribe buttons that easily unsubscribe

 I have been trying to unsubscribe from a vitamin supply site in the US for months now. I even sent them emails but eventually, I had to block them altogether.

  • Make the unsubscribe function from your newsletter simple and functional. and check regularly that it is working. Make it easy to just be able to click and unsubscribe.

So there are my 8 tips for successful life coaching websites!

Each one of these features are built into the Solo Build It! platform and all inclusive - there are no surprise 'extra costs' so if you are contemplating starting fresh, the it will be well worth checking their services out.  Check out these client case studies!