Getting The Life Coaching Agreements Right
To Protect Your Coaching Business

Simple and affordable ways to get  those important life coaching agreements watertight, from contracts to disclaimers and refund policies to website and course content copyright protection. 

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It's really easy to assume that when someone works with you that it will be all sweetness and light and in most cases your coaching relationship with your client will be fruitful for them and rewarding and profitable for you.

However, in these days of "shoot from the hip" litigation, it’s super important to invest in making sure your life coaching agreements, disclaimers and contracts are water-tight and will stand up in court – should that unfortunate event occur.  This applies whether you coaching niche or specialty is personal coaching in all it's niches or working with executives in corporate or owners of small businesses.

Text: Build your practice with the certainty of the right legal protection

My colleague Lisa Fraley is a lawyer and certified life coach who, like me, trained with CoachU, She specialises in a clear, easy to implement and holistic approach to law and helping coaches make sure their agreements and contracts really protect them.

She has an amazing website Lisa  that you should check out. She offers lots of advice and even some free information in different formats to help you get it all together legally. There are also documents you can purchase to protect various aspects of your coaching business.

So with that said, let’s take a look at those vital legal life coaching agreements and protections you might need. Each kit has been designed by Lisa specifically for coaches and entrepreneurs by that extremely rare bird; a lawyer that understands coaching AND the online world! 

Getting The Legals Right  For One-On-One Life Coaching Clients

If you coach clients individually, this DIY kit with templates for you to fill in and personalise gives you all you need in the way of disclaimers to feel you are protected from legal actions from a client. 

Plagiarism is rife on the internet so the kit also includes legal templates to enable you to protect the  copyright of your PDFs, website content and power point slides.

Find out more about the Starter Kit for One-On-One Clients.

Legals for Group Coaching And Online Courses

Lisa Fraley

Lisa has designed this kit for coaches who are also planning to include physical group coaching, webinars or other online group activities in their product offerings.  So in addition to what is included in the legal kit for one-on-one clients, there are templates to make sure those who purchase your  products understand and agree to the necessary terms and conditions before they buy. 

Without this you could end up seeing your hard work in preparing a course copied with no redress from you except a nasty email to the plagiarist.

You can see everything that included in the Starter Kit For Group Programs or Online Courses

A Written Refund Policy That Protects You 

Unfortunately some clients and course participants (in person and online) may request a refund that is completely unjustified.  And sometimes to avoid nastiness it is good PR to just comply and give them their money back.

However sometimes, with online courses, the request is really a well thought out scam to download all the content and then say it was "not what I thought it would be so can I have a refund".  So definitely one of your life coaching agreements should include a well defined refund policy.

Lisa has put together loads of advice on putting together a watertight refund policy and a template for creating your own that covers, full refunds, partial refunds and no refunds.  You can read all her advice and download the template here.

It's an investment!

So there you have it.  Everything you need to know about keeping your coaching business legally congruent and  protected from litigation and plagiarism. Think of it as an investment in your integrity and peace of mind.