How I Became a Reiki Nurse Coach: From Hell to Health!

by Elizabeth Scala, MSN/MBA, RN
(Baltimore Area, Maryland)

One day I ‘woke up’, realizing that I had come to hate my life.

But you wouldn’t know it from looking at me. I was a successful nurse leader who had just graduated with dual masters degrees. I mentored new nurse graduates; facilitated nursing committees; and presented both nationally and internationally on nurse-led projects. And this fairy-tale lifestyle didn’t end at work.

At the ripe old age of 26 I purchased my first home, all on my own. I was thin, sociable, well-dressed, and fun-loving. An outsider observing my lifestyle would think: ‘She has it all!’

But this wasn’t the case. I guess you could say I played my cards ‘right’. My double-life style of living was fooling just about everyone… everyone except for me.

I was miserable. Always tired, sick, and irritable I found myself crying, screaming, and throwing adult-tantrums at home. I was destructive, abusive, and mean… oh don’t worry… only to myself!

And here’s the glitch in all of this. I blamed my work. I blamed my job, my manager, my co-workers… I even started to blame my patients.

This is not the space any nurse wants to find themselves in, unfortunately many of us do. With healthcare reform, organizational policy, and the aging population our work can be draining, exhausting, even debilitating.

But here’s the secret I’ve come to realize… the key to changing it all.

It’s not the j-o-b.

It isn’t the workplace, functional unit, shift, or team. It isn’t the role that makes us unhealthy and unhappy; it’s us.

It’s how we’re living our lives. No, it’s more like how we’re not living our lives.

Being a nurse, while traveling my own journey from hell to health, I now know the giving, caring, helping, and doing for others comes at one expense.

Our own health, happiness, and lives are in jeopardy.

Enter Holistic Reiki Nurse Coach

Wow, that’s a mouthful.

The year I ‘woke up’ was the same year I took my life back. It’s the year that has twisted and turned along this path of healing. The beauty of nursing is you’re never stuck.

You can change your job, take up new training, and reinvent yourself over and over… and over again.

As a Holistic Reiki Nurse Coach, I work with other nurses who wake up to realize that their life is not their own. I help nurses who feel trapped in their roles figure out their true purpose on this planet. What I find is that they either leave their work altogether or reconnect with the passion of nursing that led them to this calling in the first place.

Nurses learn how to create space and time for themselves, their health, and the things that they enjoy. By actually participating in and enjoying their lives I see them go from powerless victims to strong, confident role-models.

Through Nurse Coaching, we transform not only their work but their relationships, health, and lives through the following techniques:
• Energy work
• Reflective visioning
• Healthy boundaries
• Thought transformation
• Mind-body-heart centered goals

With these simple strategies in place, the nurse will feel encouraged, supported, and empowered to live the life they dream of, and deserve! And being a nurse will become much, much more fun.

Visit today for a more in-depth look at how Holistic Reiki Nurse Coaching will help you struggle less and enjoy life more.

You may also contact me at or (410) 929-0081. I look forward to hearing from you!
Thank you Elizabeth for that wonderful story of how you started your coaching career in a very important niche.

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