Two interesting questions about setting up a coaching business.

by Carolyn Owens
(United States)

The questions:

Should I trademark my company name/logo and should I become an LLC.

I am just starting my coaching business and I am excited to do so. I recently transitioned after a 24 year career in Human Resources were I last served as the Director of Human Capital Management.

I love your website. Thank you so much for all the great advice you provide!
Sincerely, Carolyn Owens

My answers: Thank you for your email and those kind words.

On your specific questions about your logo and becoming an LLC. This really is outside my field of expertise. What I would suggest is you talk to your accountants about your coaching business and how you see it developing and see what they recommend.

If you only intend to practice solo as a coach then I wouldn't see the necessity for becoming a LLC.But if you are looking to build a coaching practice employing other coaches, it might be viable. But I don't know US law or tax practices well enough to advise, especially as I am in Australia:)

Regarding the logo and your trading name. Again I'm not sure of the law in the US so I'd suggest you consult an IP (intellectual property) or trademark specialist to see if this is warranted.

It is always a good idea to protect your identity and you may be able to do this online without incurring huge expense. Be interested to know how you go with this.

I wish you all the very best with your new direction.

Wendy Buckingham.
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