What level of qualification is the Coach U graduate

by Sharon

My workplace is stating that I need to complete a level 3 coaching qualification. I am trying to find out where I sit as I am a Coach U graduate. I can't seem to locate this information to clarify the level it equates to in UK

Please can you help. I remember doing a lot of research when choosing my course and going for one approved by the ICF.

Many thanks

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Answer regarding Level 3 coaching and CoachU
by: Wendy

Hi Sharon,
This is a tough one and as a first step I would ask your employer to clarify what they regard as a Level 3 coaching qualification and who provides this in the UK. It sounds like a government qualification.

I also trained and was certified with CoachU way back in 1999 and it was a very full and comprehensive training but I don’t know how it would fit with what you have been asked to do. . You may find that your Coach certification will count as prior learning towards your level 3 in the UK. And depending on what sort of training you did with CoachU, may even count completely . Maybe contact Coach U and see if they can help.

I also googled "level 3 coach training" and several links came up which could be useful. I’m in Australia, so you might get a better result googling from the UK.

The other avenue you could try is to contact the ICF (International Coach Federation) although I have found their responses to queries a bit slow. If you belong to any other independent credentialing body, they may also be able to help

Sorry I can’t be more specific, but I hope this helps.

All the best

To conclude:
Sharon contacted CoachU as I suggested and this was their encouraging reply.

"Hi Sharon,

I have spoken with our Director of Training regarding this and although our program is not pre-certified at a level (as established by the UK), she is fairly familiar with the level system.

According to her, our Coach U graduates who have taken the full CTP or Advanced Programs would fall in a much higher level than 3 – with 200 hours of coach training you would most likely fall into the certificate category which would equate to a level 5 or 6."

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