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Coaching Websites - The Basic Idea to Make It Attract Lots of Clients

by Kenn Schroder
(New York, USA)

Thanks for letting us post website stories here Wendy.

99.9% of my work is in building attractive websites for coaches. However, I do need to optimize my own business website to bring me those coaches!

A neat short story I'll share is when I went from a few random website leads (and very few clients) to over a dozen per month, basically putting me in the 100k range.

I remember, in early 2008, for about 1-2 months, I retooled my website, my emails, my sales call and my main service offering to be "all about the client".

I reworded, restructured and revised everything to ONLY speak to the needs of the client and basically avoided any technology speak about websites, process, seo, html or anything.

I told myself, I'd go overboard on this idea of "designing my website for the client". To speak about benefits, pains, challenges, needs, and desires.

Amazingly, after doing so, and during a trip to Paris where I had calls late at night to the US, I landed 3 clients in one week, for 10k+ income.

Leads would keep coming in over time.

Then I applied the same brave move to my clients websites (coaches) and they too started generating more leads. I blog about getting clients with your website and wrote a 300+ page guide about it called The Coaching Website Guide.

Even if your niche isn't so clear, or you're not super narrowly focused, you can still avoid coach-speak and speak the language of the client.

There's a huge number of blog posts about this at my site and it's nicely packaged in the guide I wrote.

Kenn Schroder

PS - It's a little embarrassing to post the photo, but people love it. It truly is "all about the client" ;)

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Mar 03, 2018

by: Wendy

Thanks for telling your storey Ken and what a great idea to produce a website coaching guide especially for coaches.

Mar 03, 2018
Kenn's Client Focused Strategies Work!
by: Mary Franz

Building a website with Kenn Schroder's ideas to relate to the client's needs, pains, and challenges works!

A new client told me she cried when she read my core message. Kenn's attraction strategies make sense, feel personal and are fun to develop.

Kenn is uber talented and understands coaches and coaching!

Thanks Kenn! :)

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