Giving away too much in the introductory session

by Cindy Schulson
(California, United States)

Cindy is someone who gives tremendous value and I have no hesitation in recommending her take on the free coaching session. Wendy

Have you ever done a free introductory session with a prospective client and ended up giving away so much valuable coaching in that session, and then they don't sign up with you?

That happened to me... a lot. Then I turned everything around. I figured out when to offer a free session and how to do it so I could either sell them one-on-one coaching or a coaching program (e.g. home study program or bootcamp) that would help them.

One of the keys I realized was to not offer the free session to everyone who comes to my website. Instead, I offer it to them once they have opted in to my list. That way they consume my valuable giveaway and receive some additional information from me.
By the time we do a complimentary session, they already know that I can help them solve their problem.

Being very clear about your niche also helps demonstrate your value up front. Think of your niche as your WHO (target market) plus your WHAT (solution you offer). If you are clear about both those pieces and create your content aimed directly at your niche, then you will attract your ideal client and they will recognize how you can help them.

When we sell a solution vs. sell coaching, it's much easier to build a successful coaching business.

Cindy Schulson

Thanks Cindy for that advice. And here are some more invaluable hints on Setting your life coaching fees.

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