Is Age a Factor in Choosing a Coach?

by Estevan Zamora
(Danville, VA)

Note from Wendy:
See my suggestion for new coach Estevan Zamoraat the end of his submission. Here is what he wrote:


Sometimes I worry about my age affecting my potential clients, but I will let my work show for itself.

Being 23 and just starting out, I'm excited for all of the possibilities. My niche as a coach will be life, sales, and business. Constantly being a top producer while also having a strong mentor has helped me, and now I want to give back.

I know what it's like to have the world seem to drift pass without being able to grab it and take control of the things that you want.

On my path to becoming a coach, I hope to accomplish the following :

1. Allow people to open their eyes to their full potential

Sometimes it's not the fault of the road, but simply the vehicle in which we choose to travel. A man cannot carry a house as a whole, but can certainly rebuild a house brick by brick. This allows us to focus on smaller, incremental changes, building a solid foundation while also being able to cater the attention needed to ensure each brick is set in the best, most structurally sound way.

2. Growing with the client

As "perfect" as I may project, part of that "perfection" is being conscious of my faults and flaws and having the strategic mindset to consistently work on those opportunities.


Wendy's Reply:
Thank you for this and I'm impressed with your insights and the fact you are working with a good mentor.

The only suggestion I could make regarding your thoughts about your age affecting potential clients is this:

Why not make your coaching niche coaching young sales people of your own generation, who will relate to you and your youth and experience?

I am assuming you have had or intend to have some coach training (which I believe is essential) so I would also suggest you consider joining one of the independent life coaching associations so you can benefit from becoming part of a coaching community.

There, you'll find an explanation of the benefits of such an association and how to choose one that is best for you: Life Coaching Association.

And all the very best for your successful coaching career

And visit this page for more interesting and innovative ideas for coaching niches

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