Over 30 Years of
Successful Bartering

by Dr Moira Forsythe
(Denver, USA)

I have bartered, successfully, for almost everything in my life for over 30 years.

The system of exchange we generally use in life: "money" is merely for the purpose of acquiring what we want and need to sustain ourselves. Things such as food, lodging, vehicles, clothing, etc.

If one could exchange services for those goods, or goods for goods, or goods for services, why wouldn't one? 

I have bartered my skills as a naturopath, weaver and coach for plumbing services, car repair, food, transportation, medical care, you name it, with a degree of joy and connection that doesn't really come from just passing crumpled, artificially valued greenbacks back and forth. 

With a clarity between participants as to the relative value of exchanges I have rarely, if ever, had a sense of inequity that was significant enough to worry about.

The mindset that we have adopted culturally that "money" is the system of exchange can be changed as we change our mind about these issues of community and support.

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A great comment Moira. Thank you for sharing. And here is where readers can get more hints on setting your coaching fees

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