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Goal Achievement Case Studies To Learn From

These goal achievement case studies show some of the more subtle and overlooked strategies I have used to guide guide clients to goal success and overcome the things that got in the way of their success.

*Of course names have been changed to protect the client's confidentiality and privacy.

Amelia's Goals Were Doing A Tug-O-War

Dogs doing a tug-o-war to demonstrate unaligned goals.

Amelia was 34 when she came to me for coaching around her goals.  

She told me she loved to travel.  Her career goal was to be National Sales Manager for her company and one of the attractions to Amelia was that it would involve a lot of interstate and overseas travel and being away from home for days, even weeks, at a time.

The other big goal she shared with me was that she and her partner intended to have started a family by the time she was 35.

You guessed it! The goals were not compatible if she was to give her career and her desire to be a parent the time and attention they both needed.

The result was that Amelia never seemed to have the real motivation and drive she needed to achieve her career goal and it was never quite the right time to start a family. 

Coaching Breakthrough: Amelia saw that her goals were causing a stalemate in her life.

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Through life coaching Annie became aware that the conflict between her goals was causing the stalemate and lack of career motivation.

So I asked her: "What in your heart of hearts, do you really want the most? Your career or starting a family?"

The family option won out as the priority.

Amelia came to realise that if she kept going this way - being pulled in two directions by conflicting goals - her career goal would stall and having a family could become one of those "some-day" goals that might never happen.

She chose to reorganise her career goal to something just as stimulating and rewarding but more flexible to her as a parent and without the travel component. Her love of overseas travel could now be satisfied by family vacations.

When you are coaching a client on goal achievement make make sure their goals are in alignment and do not conflict with each other.  All goals need to be in alignment. 

Jack Forgot To Celebrate His Goal Achievements

Fireworks celebrating goal achievement

Jack, a lawyer, came to a goals clinic I was facilitating on setting and achieving goals.

When I asked the participants to share their achieved goals, Jack gloomily said he couldn’t think of any goals he had achieved to share with the group.

I knew he must have a law degree, so in the break I asked him if he had every really acknowledged achieving this degree and all the hard work it took.

Jack told me that he had studied long and hard at university with a goal to get his law degree first time around.

But he revealed that when he passed with honours, he let it pass without any celebration. After all, it was only what was expected of him by his high achieving family.

Rather, Jack immediately put all his energy into finding a position within a law firm and being a success at it. He did well but never felt particularly successful.

Coaching Breakthrough: Jack decided it was time to celebrate

The lights went on for Jack when he saw that he had glossed over this major achievement (as well as several sporting wins we unearthed).

His energy changed and everyone in the workshop could see and feel it. He realised he had had sailed past several other goals without acknowledgement or celebration.

A New Motivation Towards Goal Achievement

Jack committed to celebrating those lost and forgotten achieved goals by buying a new sound system for his car and a special dinner with his wife.

He was then back in achiever mode in the workshop and ready to set a new goal.

Through coaching, the client may come to recognise goals that have been achieved but just glossed over as they rushed forward. Getting the client to acknowledge and celebrate those overlooked achievements, invariably results in more confidence and motivation.   You'll find more really useful goal planning tips here.

Phillipa Was So Stressed About Her Book Writing Goal

Goal planning and why you shouldn't have a

Phillipa came to me for coaching because her goal to write about her amazing life had stalled and she was finding it a chore. She had started out enthusiastically but gone nowhere.

With such a fascinating story to tell, it was what she felt she should do at her time of life.

Everybody in her circle said she should because she had so much information and wisdom to share.

She was quite enthusiastic in the beginning but it never really flowed and her efforts soon diminished to a trickle of words.

She felt terrible about it all. People kept asking her "How’s the book coming on?" So she forced herself to keep going, convinced it was something she had to finish.

Coaching Breakthrough: A "Should" is not an authentic goal

Cover of

The truth that came out with my coaching was that Phillipa had never really wanted to write a book! She felt no burning need to put it all out there. Her goal was based on other people’s opinions and expectations.

When she came to see this, she made the choice not to continue writing, let the goal go and not try live up to other people's expectations. She was proud of, and comfortable with that decision .

Make sure your goals are authentic

The thing to be learned from Phillipa's experience is to make sure your client's goals are what they really want and not something you or other people think they should do.  They need to "own" the goal completely.   

I hope these case studies have given you some strategies to use in your own goals coaching and you can read a summary of my goals coaching secrets and where to buy my book Be Your Own Goals Coach   

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