Learn The Goal Setting Secrets Of Life Coaches
In "Be Your Own Goals Coach"

My book "Be Your Own Goals Coach" is a fabulous and complete goal setting template.  It's a great investment -  not only to help your client with their goals but to teach them vital life skills.

These tips are a summary of the chapters  in Be Your Own Goals Coach.

This book is about much more than a goal setting template and how to achieve goals.  It will help you and your clients become aware of some of the less obvious challenges and obstacles that crop up on the road to goal achievement.  And it comes with a bonus chapter for life coaches to use with their clients.

These 11 secrets and tips are a summary of the chapters  in  Be Your Own Goals Coach. 

So here we go with a short introductory video and  then more with those 11 magic secrets.


11 Goal Setting Secrets And Tips

1.  Zap those old failed goals.   This is such an important first step in the goal setting process.  Old failed goals that you still feel bad about can drain your energy and make you cynical about setting new goals.  And goals that you did achieve but never acknowledged need revisiting and celebrating.

I cover this little known secret to success and how to do it extensively in Be Your Own Goals Coach.

2.  Set SMART GOALS: That is goals that are strong, specific and exciting goals with a time frame for achievement. Check out your goals against the S.M.A.R.T Goal Model and you'll appreciate how this goal setting tip can make such a difference to your success.  And try to keep your goal simple - something you can easily remember and say.  

3.  Have a support team: Create a support team to help you achieve your goal.  Make a list of all the resources you need and tick off what you can do or have time to do yourself. 

Then research and decide who can provide the help you need or be a mentor with encouragement and support.

4.  Write goals down: It has been proven that the act of writing a goal down actually brings it out of 'thought space' and into existence as a real possibility with a much better chance of success.

Use the present tense using "I am" or "I have" rather than "I will" and, once written down, keep your goals where you can see and say them often.

5.  Own your goals: Make sure they are YOUR goals.  It’s really easy to get caught up in some one else’s goals or aspirations for you.   So ask yourself:  "Is the goal I am setting is something I can really own want and find exciting for myself."

6.  Get rid of distractions: What are those things that take your time and energy and get in the way of your focus towards achieving your Life Coaching goal?

Things like a poor work space, clutter, or out of date equipment. Learning how to say NO to requests for your time is a real goal setting secret for success?  Read How to Say No and Still Stay Liked.

7.  Have a success policy:  Think about the person you have to be and how you will have to operate to do what you need to do to achieve that goal.  What behaviours may you have to change or adopt?  You'll learn some great information on this in the BE, DO HAVE Model

8.  Action please: Setting and planning is one thing. Action is what you need even if you sometimes don't feel like it.  Keep going towards the goal with actions, however small. 

9.  Stay on track: When the going gets tough and you feel like throwing it all away, realise this is part of the process.  In Be Your Own Goals Coach there are lots of examples of how you might get off track and what to do about it. 

10.  Are your goals compatable:? They should not conflict with each other or your values. Conflicting goals can be one of the main reasons for failure.  

11.  Celebrate, Celebrate, Celebrate: Acknowledge yourself for all the steps you achieve along the path to your goal. The learning experiences as well as the wins!  This is a goal setting secret that is often overlooked.

when the going gets tough, look back and acknowledge how far you have come and what you have already achieved.

Heres to your goal setting success.