Becoming A Team Building Coach

Tips And Techniques 

Becoming a team building coach can take you to a new and profitable level in many areas of life coaching

There are great opportunities for a team building coach but you do need to have mastered some specific  skills to be successful.  So read on to find out what it's all about.

About Team Coaching

It's quite likely that a small business or corporate client who has benefited from working with you as in individual will ask you to help make his staff into a more cohesive team.  

Or a family member you have been helping with life coaching issues may decide that they would like you to work with the rest of the family so they can have better relationships  and communication.

This is where having  mastered the skills of coaching teams  will really pay off.

It can  can be challenging for both the team building coach and the members of the team to go through the process of transforming a group of individuals into a harmonious efficient and productive unit.

I love Dr Bruce Tuckman’s 1965 model of the progression of building an effective team – Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing. You can read in detail how this model works on Wikipedia.

Quick Team Building Activities for Busy Managers

Coaching teams can also be very active and involve fun team building games and exercises.  How people play games is often a reflection of how they will operate within a team.

This can alert individuals and the coach to their behaviours in stress situations and can also reveal valuable problem solving strategies. 

There are loads of  books on Amazon that list basic games that you can develop into your own model. Quick Team-Building Activities is a good start.

Some life coaching schools offer courses that specifically focus on working with teams and I would recommend you don't attempt team coaching until you have invested in some specific training in this area.

Setting And Achieving Team Goals

Be Your Own Goals Coach

A vital thing to remember when helping a team set a goal for the whole team is that each member of the team needs  to "own" the goal. 

That is they must see a benefit for themselves in achieving it, as well as for the whole team.  

So  make sure you get each member of the team to identify the personal benefit they will get from the team goal being achieved.

 It's recognising and acknowledging this benefit that will be their motivation and combat any lack of enthusiasm they may have that can affect the team effort.

If just one member of the team is not committed to the goal and can't see any personal benefit, it can sabotage the success of the goal. 

You’ll also find more information on setting and facilitating group goals in my book Be Your Own Goals Coach which is a great goal setting template for coaches working with any sort of group from a business partnership to managing a sales team.

The Team Building Coach Should First Get To Know The Team

Coaching in team building skills often starts off with each person taking a personality or operating style profile the coach is accredited in such as Myers Briggs, Disc, LSI or , the one I have found particularly useful, the Kolbe™ Method .

There are literally hundreds of such profiles to choose from and you may already have a favourite. If not,  hunt around to find one out that is easy to interpret and understand and gives useful results. Becoming an affiliate of the profile can be an extra income stream.

The profile results will enable the you to help businesses and organizations create teams of any goal or purpose  with the right people in the right roles for optimum effectiveness.

Individual Coaching Can be Part of Team Coaching

Individuals may need to be coached on the interpretation of their profile results and any changes in behavior or situation that those results may indicate needs to happen.

Or it may be recommended that a particular team member could benefit from some individual coaching rather than in the group situation.

This individual coaching may often be provided as part of the coaching package.

Jobs and Opportunities With  Team Building Skills

Some possible Life Coaching jobs or niches for the team building coach are:

  • Businesses and organizations of all types and sizes
  • Hospitality
  • Multi level marketing
  • Sports teams
  • Not for profit and charity organizations
  • Team leadership coaching

So Who's On The Team - And How Do They Perform?

Now even if you work on your own you still have a team of people who can make or break how you operate.  And this goes for your clients too.  

Let's  look at some of the people who might be on your team as a coach and what qualities they need to demonstrate to stay there.

Instructors, Mentors and Supervisors:
You'd think that these are obvious team members. However, it is essential to make sure they are adaptable to your needs and are not insistent on following their own agenda or rigid system, whatever you say.

Your Suppliers: 
These are the people who supply you with the other support you need for your coaching business.

Can you rely on them to provide what you need to be done, when you need it and without constant checking and hassling? Do they give you what you need or are you constantly feeling let down and that you could do better.

Other “suppliers” you may want to review are your cleaner, tradespeople, health practitioners and so on. 

Your Accountant: 

Does your numbers person appreciate how you operate and understand the stresses of being a solo operator? Is he or she creatively working for you to minimize tax and build your business? Does your accountant have the same picture of your business and where it is going, as you?

Your Clients: 
Yes your clients! A most important part of team.

Have you created advocates out of your satisfied client’s who, by virtue of their enthusiastic referrals, are a vital part of your marketing strategy?

Have you a process in place to help them prepare a great testimonial for you.

Your Family: 
Yes, family. A key team building technique is making sure your partner and family are enrolled. Does your family understand what you do and what you need from them to make it happen?

The bottom line is if those on your team cause you more stress than satisfaction and don't deliver what you need when you need it, why have them on your team?

 hope these tips for a team building coach have been of value both to your coaching business and as something to use when working with clients who may need guidance in creating their best team.

You can your own ideas and tips using Facebook below.

The bottom line is if those on your team cause you more stress than satisfaction and don't deliver what you need when you need it, why have them on your team?

 hope these tips for a team building coach have been of value both to your coaching business and as something to use when working with clients who may need guidance in creating their best team.

You can your own ideas and tips using Facebook below.

  If you are still puzzling over how to choose your coaching speciality you can read more about choosing and marketing your coaching niche  including some great advice and free tools from expert Cindy Schulson and you'll find more ways to coach on Life Coaching Jobs and Opportunities.

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