Tips On Writing A Book As A Marketing Tool

 These tips on writing a book as a marketing tool and getting it published will get you started on this proven marketing strategy for life coaches and other professionals. 

It seems just about everyone believes they have a book inside them, just waiting to be written.

But for many,  that book never hits the shelves or online book store and stays inside as a “someday" instead of becoming a powerful marketing tool.  So, take note of these  tips for writing a book about your profession and turn that someday into a firm goal.

  Is There  A Market For Your Book?

One of the most important steps to being a successful author is to research whether your book on life coaching or any profession is going to be an attractive and sellable product.  So ask yourself....

Who will my book appeal to and help?
Is there some new information or a different perspective on your work you want to put out?

If there is no real point of difference in your book compared with what is already available in a crowded marketplace, you need to come up with a unique angle or title.

How do I want my book to look and feel?
One of the most important tips on writing book is to remember it is a representation of who you are, your knowledge and your professionalism in both content and presentation.

This means that the look and, in the case of hard copy, feel of the book is really important. Again do some research online and in book stores to see which books jump out for you and you automatically respond to.

Make An Easy Start With A Tips Booklet

54 Tips on how successful people achieve their goals.

Writing a book of a 100 or more pages can be a daunting and time consuming task however much you want to do it.  Overwhelm and procrastination set in! 

That's where I was nearly 20 years ago when I came across Paulette Ensign's website on creating  and earning money with tips booklets.  I found the easy beginners path  of putting together my booklet of short, but invaluable tips.  "54 Tips on how successful people achieve their goals!" was the result.

It was easy to write, inexpensive to design and print and became a fabulous product to sell or use as a give-away.

From it I had the motivation to go on to write my first book Ready Set Goal which was picked up by a publisher and later on I self-published as Be Your Own Goals Coach.

Interested?  Here's where you can find out all about creating a tips booklet for yourself and how to earn money from them.  Of course you can do it yourself but Paulette provides a service if you need it with lots of extra help. 

Be Your Own Goals Coach

Over the years my little tips booklet grew and grew into a goal planning and life skills book.  First in a self-published enlarged version of the tips as Ready Steady Goal!, Then picked up by a publisher and commissioned as Ready Set Goal! and distributed internationally.

Now it is revised and online through Amazon as Be Your Own Goals Coach!

It was quite a journey but without that easy start with a tips booklet, it might still be in the too hard basket.

7 Useful Tips On Writing A Book  

These are just a few of the tips for writing a book I have found useful.  You'll find lots more on how to go about writing a non fiction self help book in this best selling book on Amazon;  On Writing Well

Tips for writing a book
  1. Break the content down: 
    Write down the subjects that you are going to cover and use these as working chapter headings. Underneath each heading, bullet point what you need to cover and then enlarge on each point.

  2. Be an instructor: If you are stuck on what to write, one of the best tips on writing a book  is to imagine you are giving step-by-step written instructions or teaching someone who is taking over from you.

    This person needs to know how you do everything from beginning to end including all the detail and all the pitfalls to watch for.

  3. Don't worry about grammar and spelling: 
    Avoid being too pedantic about getting every sentence absolutely right for your old English teacher! Just get the words down on paper.  Plenty of time to polish and proof read later (and be sure to get someone else to proof read your book).

  4. Capture those fleeting thoughts: Keep a pen and notebook handy at all times.  Even by your bed to capture night-time creative writing prompts that come out of your dreams.

  5. Compile your published articles: Gather together any articles, social media comments, etc., you have written on the subject your life coaching specialty and put them into some sort of sequence. You may then only need to edit and add in a few extra points or chapters and you have the basics of your book. 

  6. Before you even start - set a firm goal
    Maybe this should be step 1 because a most essential step to turn your dream of becoming an author is to set a powerful goal that inspires you and has a completion date.  If you need help with this you'll find lots of  information and hand holding in Be Your Own Goals Coach.

  7. Overcome procrastination and writers block:  
    The above tips will help avoid writers block but when the writing juices really dry up try working on other important aspects of your book or even taking your laptop to th park or a favourite cafe. 
  • Plan and choose illustrations or photographs.
  • Jot down ideas for the cover pages.
  • List who you may need to acknowledge either in person or as a reference.

How To Go About Getting Published

Finding A Publisher For Your Book

My publisher found me after I self-published so I didn't have to experience the hassle of this one. So the best thing I can do is refer you to author associations  that can help.

The Australian Society of Authors is a local reference for me "Down Under", in Australia, but most of their information is generic and really useful.  Check to see if you have an authors society in your state or country  to give you local information.

Advantages of having a publisher: It's great for the ego as proof that what you have written is thought to be good and marketable by someone other than you!

You don't have to worry about the cost of design, editing, layout, printing, paper distribution, publicity etc., etc.  You sign a contract and it all happens.  

Disadvantages:  You have little or no control over how your book will look or be edited.  (I hated the cover of Ready Set Goal.) The publisher will most likely discuss these with you and be flexible on some aspects, but they have the last word. Also their promised publicity may be limited and short-lived and you will still need to do your own marketing.

The low percentage of royalties will make it very hard to make a decent financial return unless you really hit the jackpot with a genuine best-seller that becomes an ongoing favorite of the coaching or associated industry. 

The Self Publishing Path

Because getting a publisher interested in your life coaching book can be such a hassle (and even demoralising when you get rejected), more and more professionals choose to go down the self publishing path.  This will, of course, cost you money up front but anything earned from sales, apart from commissions to distributors, such as Amazon, will be all yours.

You can do it all yourself, from writing to delivering to the printer or online distributor, or outsource much of the process.

Here are three important things to remember if self-publishing

1. Do Use an editor/proof reader.   If you are going to go about getting published by yourself, I would strongly advise having the book proof read by an experienced editor.   A good editor will not only pick up your literals but advise you where a sentence may not make sense or is not clear.

2.  Make sure your cover design reduces.   if you are going to market your book using an online shop such as Amazon bear in mind that your cover design should reduce well so the name can still be read easily. 

Getting Published - The complete guide.

5.   Get clear on your marketing and distribution: Unless you are using your life coaching  book purely as a give-away promotional tool, (and some people do just that) you need to get clear on how you are going to market, distribute and sell. 

Otherwise you will end up with boxes of unsold books, or an eBook that just sits on your web-site going nowhere.

You can either engage someone to take care of your marketing and distribution or have a go yourself.  

At least invest in a good book on the subject such as this Essential Guide to Getting Your Book Published.   

What About Publishing E-Books?

You may decide you are simply going to produce an eBook which can be read either on a computer or tablet.  This is fine if you simply want to sell it through online book stores or off your website. 

Successful Kindle Publishing

Amazon has free instructions on formatting your coaching book for Kindle. There are also loads of low cost book on the subject such as the highly recommended Kindle Publishing by Dr Andy Williams. 

But if you have aspirations to  sell your book at at events or use it as a promotional tool you will need hard copy.  

For print on demand (no need to pay for a big publishing run) you can use Amazon's Create Space service or an independent company such as 

If you decide to outsource the formatting process, be sure to compare prices and get a firm quote that includes what will be any additional costs for alterations, etc. 

Writing And Publishing Services  

There are lots of companies offering to hand-hold you through the process of writing, editing, publishing and distributing your book.  Their courses and services can range from excellent to pretty useless, depending on what you need, so you definitely need "caveat emptor" before you enrol. 

If you decide to get help writing a book and getting it published in this way, please, please check out the credentials of the person or organisation and past results they have achieved for their authors.

Check out some of the published work that has gone through their system and speak to other authors who have used them. Make sure all that was offered, was delivered - such as editing and proofing and marketing and distribution and whether these were included or cost extra.

There are book agents as well as marketers who specialize in book promotion and this is an option to consider if you don't have the time or the skill to do your own marketing.

I hope this information and tips on writing a book have helped you and, of course, I'd love to hear your experience, and any  anything you would like to add using the Facebook form below:

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