Become A Personal Growth Coach  

The focus of the personal growth coach is to bring more purpose, joy, productivity and ease into your client’s personal, business and professional life. It's the backbone of all types of life coaching

What Is A Personal Growth Coach?

Personal growth coaching could just be another name for life coaching because it gives the client the self awareness and the skills they need to increase their confidence, communication skills and assertiveness and improve their relationships with family, staff and colleagues.

I actually believe that all coaching is basically self improvement and personal or life coaching.  In any coaching situation from coaching small business owners to career or executive coaching, there will be times when those skills are called for.

You are helping the client grow personally as part of whatever goals they have set(even if they don't realise it).  For instance the  client who comes to you for help growing their career may also need  coaching on improving their communication and business relationships.

For instance, you may find yourself coaching them on the need to give feedback effectively or to  Say No fearlessly and elegantly and without giving offence.

 It's about  getting the client to know themselves and how they naturally operate  so their decisions will come from a place of choice rather than reactivity or habit.

The elephant in the corner of all types of coaching is usually a personal growth coaching issue

Whatever professional, career or business issues are presented to you as needing to be addressed,  you may find the "elephant in the corner",  the real issue that needs addressing,  turns out to be something that the client may not even be consciously aware of.

O it may be something they simply don't want to, or can't easily confront or talk about.

I have rarely had a client in either a business, executive or organizational environment, where at some time it hasn't got down to personal growth issues.

Finding Out What Makes The Client Tick

A great start to personal growth coaching is to request the client to complete my Life Coaching Questions for new clients -  before the first session.  

You may  find this  Life Map Template from the Coaching Tools Company useful in helping the client recognise and identify significant events and patterns in their life. You'll also find lots of useful free tools on their site.

This will give you as a personal growth coach a snapshot of where they are in both their personal and professional lives and often make them, as well as you, aware of what needs to be addressed as a priority.

I  also believe it can be very beneficial to use a profiling tool as part of the coaching intake pack.  It helps the client become more aware of themselves and helps you as a coach know how best to coach each client for maximum compatibility and results.

There are loads of profiling tools you can research such as DISC, Myers Brigg and LCA - it's a matter of finding one that resonates with you as a productive coaching aid.  

One of  my favorites is the Kolbe™ A which identifies and validates your natural and most effective operating style (MO) so you can approach tasks and relationships in the way that works best for you.

The Kolbe profiling tools were invented by Kath Kolbe, using a principle she calls Conation. She has used it with individuals and teams all over the world and her book The Conative Connection is a fascinating read .  

As a life or personal growth coach, it really helped me discover why I behave the way I do in certain situations and  rather than try to change use that information to make life easier.

You do it online .  It comes with a huge report and and it's very affordable.

Whatever profile you choose to use it will help you know how the client behaves and reacts  and you can adapt your personal growth coaching style to meet their needs. 

Coaching For Life Skills And Life Purpose

The Life Skills Lesson Plan
To help the client improve their life skills you might include processes to help them  determine their needs - that is what drives them - and their and values - the things that are really important to them.  

This may not be as obvious as it sounds. Identifying and healthily handling the needs  that drive us is an amazing process developed by the father of the profession Thomas Leonard  and is included in his book The Portable Coach

You will  also examine those things they do that work for them and discuss those that don't work; what drives them and what behaviour patterns may be obstacles to their success at home and at work.

And with your support they will try out the challenges of dropping old behaviours that do not serve them and embrace new ways of operating.

Life Purpose 
In particular you may find yourself doing life purpose work as clients come to you wanting to define their life purpose or mission. You will guide them through discovering this life purpose and making sure their goals are in alignment with this purpose and not pulling against it.

I have to say though I think too many coaches and clients get hung up on the importance of finding a life purpose.  Sometimes an impressive life purpose is just not there and the client needs to know that this is OK and they have not failed or are less than someone who can easily identify a big life purpose.

A life purpose can be something as simple as being the best they can at whatever they do.  

Do They Need Therapy?
A thing to always bear in mind as a personal growth coach is that it is not therapy and as a life coach you are not qualified to get into issues that need therapy unless you also have the relevant qualifications. 

Read Life Coaching v Therapy and be willing to pass on to a suitable therapist any client whose needs are beyond your qualifications or skills.  Forming alliances with therapists such as psychologists and chiropractors where you can cross refer clients is an excellent idea.

Where You Can Work As A Personal Growth Coach

Being a life coach specialising in personal growth coaching can open the door to a huge number of niches  and the one you chose will ideally depend on your background, life experiences and existing qualifications. 

Personal Growth Coaching opens the door to numerous coaching niches

Here are just some of those life coaching niches - the possibilities are almost endless:

  • Budgeting and personal finances
  • Life Skills
  • Defining life purpose
  • Empty nesters
  • Retirees
  • Parenting
  • Relationships
  • Teen coaching
  • Creativity Coaching
  • Team Building (families and small business)

    And  if you are still puzzling over how to identify your coaching specialty you can read more about  choosing and marketing your coaching niche including some great advice from a niche marketing expert Cindy Schulson. And you'll find lots more useful information in life coaching jobs and opportunities