The Benefits Of Guest Blogging And Commenting

And What You Should Know Before You Start

Blogging or commenting on someone else's blog can be a great way to raise your profile, build your mailing list and get new clients.  Here's how to go about it and avoid the traps so you really get the benefits of guest blogging..

Wow! You've been asked to comment on someone's  blog post or website page.  Or better still they've invited you to be a guest blogger on their site.  How good is that?  A chance to get some free publicity for your coaching practice.

But wait - there's more!  Before you post that comment or take time to write that guest blogg, there are a few things to be aware of.

Commenting with power
5 Important Guest Blogging Tips

Commenting with power

When commenting on a blog, make it original and of value to the reader.  Don't just say "nice article Fred" or "I agreed" or "you'll find more on this on my site".  Write a paragraph adding some information that may have been missed or even make a correction (politely).  Something that gives you authority as an expert.  This is  important for your own credibility as well as adding value to the original poster. 

5. Important Guest Blogging Tips

1. Be Original:
If you receive an invitation to be guest blogger on someone else's website or blog, write something original or at least rewrite a piece you have, with a new title, so it is not an absolute copy.

Benefits of guest blogging

2. Check out the host website: 
Before you agree to be a guest blogger do a bit of research on the website.   Is it somewhere you would like to see your name as a professional?  Is the sites theme likely to bring you visitors to your site?  

3. Is the blog or website current and up-to-date?
You don't want to post comments on a blog that has had little or no current activity, so check when the last blog or comments were posted.  A site that has been dormant for over a year with few comments is not worth the trouble.

4. How many subscribers does the host site have?
This could be a bit of an honesty game as there is no way of checking.  For your guest blog to be seen and have any benefit for you, there need to be at least 500 subscribers. Unless you are really keen to be on a new blog because of its quality and relevance, your guest blog could be a waste of effort and time.   

The book Guest Blogging Master Class has some excellent reviews and is one of many on the subject on Amazon

 5. Things to know when you invite people to  contribute to your blog or website

Quite often I get offers from people who want to contribute to my website.  I have a system through my web platform, Solo Buld It!, that enables visitors to create their own page as a link from the page they are interested in having input to. I can then approve or edit. 

Whatever platform you use it is important to set it up so you can moderate any blogs or comments before they go "live", so your good work doesn't get devalued by poor or offensive comments.

Insist on originality:  If you invite someone to post content on your blog or websites, insist it be original and not just something lifted from their own site without any significant rewriting or rewording.  This is because if it is not original, Google may sometimes penalise your site for having "duplicate copy".  You can check Google's policy on duplicate copy here. 

So there you have it. Comments and guest blogging can be great marketing tools if you keep these things in mind. I've just scratched the surface of the benefits of blogging here and for lots more great information and guest blogging tips I'd recommend you visit Guest Blogging Strategy

And learn more effective and affordable ways to market your life coaching .

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